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About Deepak Pandit

Deepak is 20 years in Astrology!
Gita is the very basis of life! After reading the Gita in his thoughts off a balanced life based on my purpose in life is to live! God is naturally present in our midst! Since the human body is 84 million species! By planetary waves naturally good and bad idea reaches to humans, so the human mind and conscience has been to analyze the idea! If the baby is born when the mother is pregnant, it takes 9 months and 9 planets is the same! Each month, your soft ware loads a planet, the good and bad times of life conditions and Mahadshaon person comes over!
Friendship and harmony based on the mathematics of planetary enemy is based on analysis of horoscopes! In terms of the special grace of God leads to the lore, which supports the work of the Lord is like! Where is sorrow, suffering, the constraints, all the planets to occupy space on the good and bad curve stage, set and hostile planet with a view or when Mahadshaon, inter conditions, Pratyantar conditions, based on micro and elf conditions coil is used to analyze! With the full fidelity of the literature used for the good of society if he would cooperate with God, because God is love to the prophet!
20 years experience with these planets today that whenever they have a friendly relationship based on his waves through the coil body of the person in career, business experience, good or bad influence her horoscope before we see becomes the first! Doctors x-ray is the same as the report read horoscope before us is much like X-ray, and wherever there is a vision of the planets, or any type of good or bad we have visions of the bad times! His worship of the planets through the peace operation as doctors do, is done! God in this world, good and bad times and the means to expand the thinking! There is a good time if you consider the good guys and the bad guys and the bad times and the idea is to see! Evil is attracted to her and immediately attracted by the individual acts, but the attraction is not good for him, a lot of individual acts of advice or think there is good cause so Bandhaan! God's creation is a company whose name, we ask God something ever day, but we should think before we ask some share in the company, what do we have a stake in the company's operations? If only no one should attempt to collaborate in the work of God, he's such a big bonus for the individual rites in life, peace, happiness and fortune is life balance, which is peace and enjoy the experience!
That which God has entrusted to me, I remove the sufferings of the people of God in association supports the work of God so! No one except God is not complete!

  • Available forReligious Functions,Private Parties
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
  • Performance FeeAvailable on request
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