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We as a band have many influences (who doesn't though?), which is why we prefer to be not maybe just be 'in the box.' 
Initially, pop/alt rock was the genre we chose to stick to; but when we really started growing as a band, it was not just pop/alt/rock/indie etc. 
We noticed we were not fixed. We were not steady. But that turned out to be okay because we had our songs exactly the way we wanted it. We feel, that each of our songs are different in its own way. We can't really put them all under a specific genre.
Started out in twenty thirteen with our first original (as an official band). The song actually won us the best song composition (at a local competition) when we were all least expecting it. That, was pretty motivating - we took our shot. 

FAME SANGMA (vocals)
Judah and I have always had similar tastes in music right from when we were in school. He has always been playing for me. It was before we went our separate ways that I started hanging out more with his younger brother Mark and their friend Tengsam. It was the four of us everytime after that. It's no coincidence that one was a sick drummer and the other dropped the bass. This band was meant to be, y'know? Sometimes you just know.

Way before Fame The Band I had known Fame and Tengsam. Mark is my own brother. We learnt everything about music together. Fame and me were classmates and our musical journey together started way back at school. I met Tengsam at church. We became good friends and music has always been a part of the bond we share.
All I can say is we all share the same enthusiasm for music and I think we're ready to chase our dreams together.

My first jam with Judah and Mark was back in 2006. The following year I was playing the bass for them in a band called Ablaze till 2010. With Fame, I guess you could say I bonded through Judah. It was only when the four of started making music, whatever kind, that everything started falling into place. We're a family.

  • Available forCorporate Events,Weddings,Campus Events,Charity Events,Private Parties
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
  • Performance FeeAvailable on request
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