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Who will open your mouth. Who Tolega truth and lies. The pain of the people say Ik, who speak so we do not discuss. ' Manvir 'sweet' Oral tradition of poetry in Hindi strong sign of a new generation of energetic stream! This is where the first winner Antrvishwvidyalyi poetry contests are four years, the G-Ismail TV Channel "because the comic-poet juxtaposition" are also the first winner. Sadhna TV The popular program "Satmola-mills of poets" are the popular anchor Manvir 'sweet' talent is appreciated by everyone. In this blog you can see glimpses of his talent. "We have not spoken, who will speak" with a click of the link daily celebrity news daily newspaper headline 'sweet' will read the poetic response. The conceptual work, wonderful poetic craft, intense price-sensitive, indomitable attitude, bard, and keep his word to the stage with the presentation of the fundamental habits and confidence all these readily distinguished from his contemporaries makes Rcnadharmiyon! Oral tradition and pride in their future hope of the Hindi flaring see the sun! Manvir in their own lines can be outlined as follows ....... "forge history alive on here and die to become immortal story! Dadhichi on the ground to protect the gods, bones Deke become Mahadani !! licking India Manti is eccentric, Kanha considered themselves become God! pace to become the wise and foolish here, Kalidas become wise fool !!

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