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Surprise element for your Event ….

You have seen people performing a “Mob Flash" in public places but not robots. But now it won’t be surprising if you see Robots doing the same. Dancing robot in China sets a Guinness World Record by performing a group dance for the first time. This creates a curi...Read more


Track inventories for event with drones imbibed RFID readers

MIT researchers have invented a new RFID or Radio Frequency ID tags, reader drones.  This drone has created a sensation among Retail industry and few other industries.  Currently, this technology is thought to keep a record of inventories and stocks to reduce the m...Read more


Event to become more flamboyant with flexible and wearable displays

Engineers from Korea have created highly flexible and wearable displays for various applications including fashion, IT, and healthcare. The electrical engineering and textile industries have made TVs or smartphone screens displaying on clothing a reality.  There is no d...Read more


No need to hold your phones for Live Streaming

Now record and Livestream any event with this FrontRow wearable. This FrontRow pendant features an 8 MP camera on the front and a 5 MP on the back and is capable to capture video and stream it on the web. Video is captured at 1080p, and the device can stream video directly t...Read more


How this self-healing rubber can contribute to events….

A self-healing rubber developed by Harvard University, is a new type of rubber which is as tough as natural rubber but can also self-heal. Regular rubber tends to crack at certain stress point when force is applied.  But this special rubber when stretched develops so-ca...Read more


Mumbai’s top wedding planner held in UAE for carrying drugs

. . .   . Source: Mumbai Mirror             .


Strike in Event Industry for the first time...

Pune Sound, Lights, Electricals Genset Association has decided to go on strike from 11’th August till 6’th September 2017.  The strike called out by the Association as they were blamed wrongfully for breaking the stringent rules set by the local authorities ...Read more


Wedding Exhibition: The much awaited bridal exhibition “Bridal Asia” opens from today

The much awaited Bridal Exhibition “Bridal Asia” commences from today (9/08/17) till 11th August at NSCI, Worli, Mumbai. In its 18th year, “Bridal Asia” event is conceptualized and managed by SI ( Services International. New Delhi) will once again cha...Read more


EY (Ernest & Young) to publish White Paper on Event Industry

Ernest & Young (EY) is to publish a White Paper on Event Industry, a task which has been assigned by EEMA (Event & Entertainment Management Association).  While EEMA celebrates its 10th  Year Anniversary from the 8th -10th Sept 2017, EY will try to address ...Read more


Decorise Event 2017 - The biggest confluence of Event Industry and allied business groups

After staging huge success in 2015, with more than 30,000 trade visitors and 300 exhibitors, attending the event, the “Decorise” 2017 is here one more time on 6-8 Sept. Ahmedabad, bringing together Decorators, Caterers, Event Managers, Trade Exhibition and Entire...Read more


EEMA Opens Registrations for Spotlight Awards 2017

The EEMA leadership announced the second edition of the EEMA SPOTLIGHT AWARDS 2017. EEMA SPOTLIGHT AWARDS was introduced last year and due to its initial successful response, it has now been decided to continue with this as Annual Awards. EEMA President in his communicatio...Read more


Massive fire broke-out in Spain's Music Event

A music festival “United in Tomorrowland” hosted in Barcelona, Spain on 29th July had nearly 22000 attendees when the stage set ablaze.  The place was evicted soon the fire entrapped the whole stage into a fireball. The emergency evacuation had saved lives o...Read more


One more Award launched for Event Industry...

EEMA (Event & Entertainment Management Association of India) as a part of its 10th year celebration has announced “Spotlight Awards” for supplier network.  Ever since Mr. Sabbas has taken over as President of EEMA, he has been focusing more on how to ma...Read more


Big question remains - who will be the next President of EMF? Tainted or a New Face?

EMF completes formality of election process after 4 years. EMF (Event Management Federation) Gujarat based association has grown over its  4 years of existence inspite of being in controversies right from the beginning. It has been in controversy due to non-inclusivene...Read more


12th Annual General meeting of Rural Marketing Association of India...

12th Annual General meeting of Rural Marketing Association of India was held on 21st July, 2017 at Hotel J.W. Marriot Mumbai. There was huge attendance both from Brand and Agency side. Members specially flew in from Delhi and other parts of the country to attend this meetin...Read more


This biodegradable car tells a lot about the Future of Event Industry

This car is made up of biodegradable plastic composed of sugar, beet and flax mixture, which takes 20% of the energy used to produce today's aluminum or carbon-fibre based cars.  This biodegradable plastic can revolutionize events and exhibitions by replacing petroleum ...Read more


Why event Industry be-spoke about this drone inspired by spiders

This drone is amazing to watch as it comes with an extra arm that exhibits some stunning work in the pretence of spiders. It can be used in multiple ways during events and envisaged as a tool for emergencies. Various other tools can be attached to the drone’s moving ar...Read more


Now replace Red-Carpet with these Electric Tiles during Events

These energy-harvesting tiles when path down on the streets of London, converted energy from the steps of passer-byes and generated power to illuminate street lights at night. The same can be done during events, where tiles can be floored on Event pavements to produce green ...Read more


A Green Event Planning Is The New Trend Of Event Industry

Events consume so many resources and produce so much waste that Event Industry is now at the verge of adapting green event planning approach. A green event is not simply limited to recycling alone; it goes beyond that by encompassing “entire system” in to it.&nbs...Read more


How to ensure that your expensive 3D model idea for an event works out as expected

The materials you envisioned for 3D model may not work out as you hoped, or something else might perform better. It is better you do prototyping before designing 3D model for events, it enables you to test and check the performance of different materials. You will check your...Read more


Want Obama as your next speaker for your event?

Researchers at the University of Washington have produced a photorealistic former US President Barack Obama.  With the help of AI (Artificial intelligence) you can literally make him speak anything - YES anything. The video was precisely modeled as to how Mr. Obama move...Read more


Will Robots be able to keep event venues clean?

Event people will not have to worry about litter during events anymore. Scientists at UC Berkeley have created a robot that has learnt to pick up virtually any object.  They have two grasping fingers attached to a triple-joined arm, which are controlled by two deep neur...Read more


Want to cut electricity cost in events?

The cost of the wiring during events to bring power from the grid to the event venue is huge and never safe. With solar-power windows this can be permanently  resolved. The windows have solar cells installed in the edges at a specific angle that enables the incoming sol...Read more


This living dragonfly drone controlled by humans can be of great use in Event Industry someday

During Events at night- moths, flies and other bugs work as spoilsport. By using controlled living dragonfly drones you might scare away these swamp bugs by directing or distracting them to other direction. Explore in what other ways it can be applicable in Events.


Can Europe’s Event Industry escape from the clutch of European Banking Crisis ?

European banks are still facing financial crisis and looking for ways to survive. Banks across Europe have also seen mergers and consolidation, especially in Spain and Italy in order to save banks from going bankrupt. It would be interesting to see if Europe’s Event In...Read more


Event companies find wireless headphone solutions to nullify noise pollution during events

Event companies find wireless headphone solutions to nullify noise pollution during events With increasing trend of Silent Seminars three UK firms announced collaboration on wireless headphone technologies to increase organisers as well as customer experience at events.


AEV Conference 2017 organized last month draws over 150 delegates to The Vox

The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has brought its second annual conference to a successful conclusion, with over 150 delegates attending the Vox. Birmingham.


Belgian tech company “ShowSourcing” launches the first free app solution for trade shows

A first free App that could collect, organize and share the information about the entire trade show.  It will help thousands of buyers around the world to be more productive on trade shows.


Event technology glitz at London Tech Week

London’s event technology sector showcased its economic potential and reach during London Tech Week festival, organized by London and Partners and KNect365. Event professionals attended various events that demonstrated the capitals commitment to the expanding events ec...Read more


SpotMe brings its own cloud for event participant to toggle on event sessions in middle of an Atlantic Ocean.

This unique technology, with a seamless combination of hybrid cloud and on-premises servers in the middle of an ocean, will empower the SpotMe app that will help users interact fast and reliably with all of the session’s registration, sessions, participants networking,...Read more


Which is the best Event Industry Award...

Eventaa.com News had initiated poll in the Event Fraternity to find out which were the best Event Industry Awards. One had to vote based on three criteria: Eligibility criteria Transparent judging process Creditability Voting process allowed only one vote castin...Read more


Events and Weddings can be more fun

Robots are coming soon as photographer, Choreographer, face tracker at events. Nowadays, the robot is the true photographer, that can literally capture the best moments of the audience at events & weddings. They will let visitors take selfies, even guests will have the p...Read more


Audience Response System: Feedback tool for Event Planners

Audience Response System: Feedback tool for Event Planners Audience Response System helps Event planners to create the interactive environment for audience response at forums, events & conferences. It creates an enthusiastic environment & involvement for the audienc...Read more


Digital display to Direct Attendees at the Event

Digital display to Direct Attendees at the Event During large summits, conferences and events it is difficult to navigate place of event for any attendee. That's why digital displays are placed at the venue to guide event visitors. These screens include all information rega...Read more


Did anyone notice what was on Katy Perry’s dress as a tribute to Manchester Bombing Victims

Did anyone notice what was on Katy Perry’s dress as a tribute to Manchester Bombing Victims. There was something very special about Katy Perry’s One Love Manchester stage outfit that went unnoticed by a lot of people. Katy, who performed ‘Part of Me’...Read more


Air Selfie" pocket sized handheld drone camera for capturing "Live Events"

Air Selfie" pocket sized handheld drone camera for capturing "Live Events"Now, Event team doesn't need to carry huge drones at the event for capturing live moments, as pocket-sized handheld drone camera "Air Selfie" is in trend. These drones are portable, small, durable, int...Read more


3D Video Mapping on Trump visit to Saudi Arabia

Best Example of 3D Video Mapping on Trump visit to Saudi Arabia. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were staying, rolls out the red carpet with 3D Video Mapping for his visit. The Luxury hotel projected fiv...Read more


How many Crores does India spend on Weddings?

As per FICCI estimates, wedding market in india pegged to a whopping Rs1,10,000/- crores, However, Zee News has estimated Indian Wedding Industry at Rs.1,68,000 Crores.


Terror Attack during Ariana Grande Concert in Britain

Terror Attack during Ariana Grande Concert in Britain Ariana Grande, an American Singer & Actress whose concert at the Manchester Arena was targeted in an attack on Monday night. Suspected terror attack took place near an entrance to the arena just minutes after which G...Read more


Will Children of the Next Generation be able to enjoy Circus?

In India about 300 circuses have shut down in last one and half decade.


Circus comes to an end...

America's 146 Year Old Circus Show "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus" Dropped the curtain on the show for the last time.


Many times small things are very critical in the Event Execution...

Big Blunder of Event Management: for today's African development bank summit in Gujarat instead of hoisting India's flag along with flags of African countries, BJP flg was hoisted!


Event Company files criminal case on Well-known Stand-up Comedian Sunil Grover

Event Company files criminal case on Well-known Stand-up Comedian Sunil Grover The Magistrate of Metropolitan Court has ordered Navrangpura police station in Ahmedabad to investigate and present the report in front of court within 60 days into the complaint of cheating and ...Read more


The Flip Side of Justin Bieber Concert organised by White Fox India

While Justin Bieber enthralled his fans with an electrifying performance at Navi Mumbai's  DY Patil Stadium was brimming with enthusiasm on Wednesday. The pop sensation dressed casually in light purple t-shirt and trousers came up on stage to the loud cheers of over 50,...Read more


Bieber...is it a win win deal ?

Bieber concert earns Maharashtra Rs 3 crore. Anticipating a crowd of 34,000, the organizers had paid an advance of Rs.3.07 crore to the government.


Event company to pay Rs 1.2 crores fine to Income Tax for...

Entertainment tax evasion: Salman show organizer faces the music, Surat organizers liable to pay tax and fine of Rs.1.12 crore on a show featuring Salman Khan; FIR filed but organizers untraceable.


New Wearable Tech Device : LED Wristband

The brains of the wristband are housed in a circular LED button called a Pixl.It has applications for a variety of events such as festivals, sporting events, trade shows, and fundraisers.Each band comes with a unique code that is used to activate the device via text.


Interactive Floors

Interactive floors offer event managers to access the advanced and fully integrated platform to help them optimize their customer engagement at live events.  


Donald Trump's policies affecting events industry in US

Donald Trump's policies affecting events industry in the US providing an opportunity for Australia.


Events go digital to boost audience engagement.

Events go digital to boost audience engagement. Event managers are revolutionizing their digital offering in a bid to create a more interactive experience and improve the way it engages with its audience in events.


Dinosaurs at Hotel check in counters !

In Japan's state of the art technologies, Henn na Hotel is the first hotel in Tokyo to be staffed by robots.


Event company furious on Film actress Bipasha Basu...

An Event Organising Company is Furious at Bipasha Basu For Turning A work trip into a vacation.


Court stays event ...

Court stays Ghoshal from singing copyrighted songs, copyright holder had dragged organizers to court.


Is Government's sword hanging on the neck of#wedding industry ?

J & K imposes restrictions on a number of guests at weddings.


Real Time Intelligence

10 Event Technology Trends You Need to Know in 2k17 (and Beyond) RealTimeIntelligence Event organizers are always in need of real-time intelligence. If you’ve got a huge festival and one gate is particularly busy, you need to know it at that moment so you can shift sta...Read more


2017 Preview: Emerging Event Tech You Should Know About

In Event industry Various twists on reality like augmented, virtual, mixed, 360-video experiences will roundup technology products and strategies that will influence face-to-face experiences this year Virtual reality experiences don't require a headset, such as the 360-degre...Read more


Event companies can use Snap Mask

Event companies can use snap Mask to put a custom overlay on guests selfies at events, weddings, and functions. Snap Mask is a facial-recognition masking app that the company events tag created to enable companies to offer a snap chat-like experience at events.


The Future of Events...

This technology can be incorporated into trade shows, conferences, festivals, and other events. Augmented reality is an experience that adds computer-generated elements such as video, graphics, sound and more to a person's view of reality.






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