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Pandit Ram Narayan
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About Pandit Ram Narayan

Pandit Ram Narayan, refer to Ustad Mehboob Khan as one of the gurus of Panditji. This is an incorrect piece of information as Panditji has never received any training from Ustad Mehboob Khan. He never learnt the technique of Sarangi playing or the music as such from any Sarangi player. He was taught the basic finger technique and the bow technique by his father,Nathuji Biawat, who was neither a Sarangi player nor a professional musician. He used to play the Israaj for his own joy. He had also introduced Ram to the concept of an 'up' & 'down' bow from the very childhood. That is the prime reason why his technique and approach is unique as compared to the rest of the Sarangi players.

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