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About B.G. Srinivasa

Sri Srinivasa is a worthy disciple of the famous flute artist T.R.Mahalingam. The two hours flute concert by Sri. B.G Srinivasa was highly exhilarating and entertaining. Sri Srinivasa played the song “Manasukaragadhaemisri” in Hamsadhwani. Subsequently he played several madhyama kaala keerthanans, which comprised the songs “Nijavarisukada” in Ravichandrikae, “Sara sara samarai” in Kunthalavarali. “Shobillu Sapta Swara” in Jaganmohini etc.
Sri Srinivasa came out with the sparkling aalapana of “Kaanada” and followed it up with a delectable rendering of saint Thyagaraja’s “Sukhievaro” climaxing to kalpana swaras of quality. He presented the several facets of “Navarasakanada” and “Kadanakuthulam” in an artistic manner and embellished Thyagaraja’s “Ninuvinanamadendo” and Pattanam Subramanya Iyer’s Raghuvamshasutha”. His playing on the flute was quite soft and soothing while his finger danced on the instrument. Sri Srinivasa has full control over the instrument.

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