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Nandlal Meena
Astrologer,Special Acts,Numerologist
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About Nandlal Meena

Astrology and planets hold a key in Life Force where in it tries to explain the origin, concept and intricacies involved. Astrology’s birth can be roughly traced to Indo-European culture around third millennium BC where in prediction was surmised by seasonal shifts as divine communication through nature, yet interestingly being considered as a scholarly scientific study since ages. It was included in various curriculums in different schools of learning around the world imparted along with other studies such as astronomy, alchemy, meteorology, and medicine. Though around 17th century Astrology saw a darker phase with the advent of new scientific concepts like(heliocentric) which marked a dent on astrology yet around 19th century it saw a revival particularly around 20th century buoyed by the resurgence of spiritualism, Gnostic studies and new age philosophy influenced by media distinctively being the newspaper horoscopes.

  • Available forReligious Functions,Private Parties
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
  • Performance FeeAvailable on request

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