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Tender No: 15803 Tender Ref Date: 29-06-2017
Tender Ref No: Addl.MHO(VBD)/NDMC/2017/02 Work Class:
Tender Category: MCD Health,Item Rate,Item Rate,Open Tender Currency: INR
Description: Health Education Activities through field Campaign
Report title: Health Education Campaign through field Activities (Street Play) on Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya prevention in North DMC areas for the year 2017-18
No. of Work: 1 Splitting Rule: No Restrictions
Tender Type: Open Tender
Department: Health Department Division/Office: Public Health Deparment
Officer: Dr.Samita Taneja((DHO/HQ)/Ndmc Designation: D.H.O
Remark: Health Education Campaign through field Activities (Street Play) on Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya prevention in North DMC areas for the year 2017-18
Tender Notice Text Contents Notice Text
Tenders are invited for hiring on experienced agency for conducting health education campaign on prevention and control of water borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Chikumgunya in various localities of North DMC areas as per specifications given below-:
Item description : 1 Health education campaign will be carried by One team.
2.The team will consist of six members along with one supervisor and shall perform four street play daily (each of 1 hour duration)
3.Community briefing through printed material , which will be provided by the Public Health Department and prize distribution by the concerned agency based on question - answer session.
4.One audio visual show through Mesium Motor Vehicle in the evening. The vechicle will be multipurpose .It will be fitted with projector and screen,PA System and provision to convert into a stage. Health Edcation messages will be printed all around the vechicle.
5. The team will visit slum and JJ clusters, Schools as well as vulnerable areas for Dengue, Malaria& Chikungunya and schedule will be provided by the Malaira/Public health Department.
6.The activity will be continued for two months in different zones of North DMC.
Earnest Money: The earnest money, Rs.17000/- and tender cost Rs.500/- will be received in the office of Addl. MHO(VBD) before the tender is opened on schedule date on website, in the office of Addl. MHO(VBD),12th floor , Public Health Department,S.P.M. Civic Centre, JLN Marg, New Delhi 110002.
Tenders are also available on following websites for entire validity period.
Addl. MHO(VBD) Public Health Department,North DMC 12th floor, SPM, Civic Centre, New Delhi -1100002
TERMS & CONDITIONS-FIELD CAMPAIGN Street Play on prevention and control of Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya for the year 2017-18 1. (a) The tenderer must submit the tender cost of Rs. 500/- by demand draft in the name of Commissner North DMC and of earnest money in the office of Addl . MHO(VBD) upto date of submission of tender otherwise the tender shall be out rightly rejected. (b) Tenderers must agree to all terms and conditions of North DMC. (c) Tenderer must submit EMD in the form of DD, in the name of Commissionar(North DMC) otherwise the tender will be out rightly rejected. 2. Items quoted should conform to the specification shown in the attached schedule. Where a reference of a catalogue is made, a copy of the relevant catalogue should accompany the tender form. 3. The show/play/field activity shall be made within the stipulated period of contract and strictly in accordance with the schedule stipulated in the work order, failing the tenderer shall be subject to pay penalty of 1% of the total value of the order not performed for each week of default upto a maximum of 5% of the total value of the entire contract order. In case of default beyond 6 weeks, North DMC reserves the right to restrain/cancel the contract without assigning any reason and also without giving any notice in this regard and the tenderers shall have no claim for compensation with performance of the contract. In case of part field activity, penalty can be recovered from unpaid bills of the tenderer pending in Public Health Department or any other department of North DMC. 4. The campaign shall be subject to approval by the competent authority. In case, it is considered inferior to or not in accordance with script & schedule, it shall be rejected. 5. Field activities in excess of those specified in the letter/ schedule will not be accepted & orders will be placed on as and when required basis. 6. All tenders will be treated as firm offers and must remain open for acceptance for the current financial year. 7. The North DMC reserve the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof. 8. In event of a dispute the decision of the North DMC shall be final and binding upon the tenderer. 9. No firm will be eligible to withdraw after its rates are accepeted or/ after the submission of the tender, otherwise earnest money will be forfeited. 10. No tender will be considered without earnest money. The earnest money will not be refunded till the field activities are completed on the rate running contract of the firm in operation for the time specified. 11. Approved tenderers will bound to meet all the demands of the institution accordingly. 12. Within 7 days of issue of work order against the tender, the successful tenderer shall execute an agreement for field campaign and sign the necessary contract documents. In case of delay in this regard on the part of the successful tenderer, the earnest money shall be forfeited. No grace time shall be allowed in any case. 13. No tenderer shall canvass with any authority of North DMC in respect of his tender. Any tenderer found guilty in the matter will have his tender rejected and shall also be blacklisted from future participation. 14. The tenderer must submit forwarding letter those above conditions are acceptable to the firm on letterhead. 15. Any condition mentioned by tenderer in contravention with the terms & conditions of the department shall not hold good and the tender will be rejected out rightly. 16. Black listed tenderer from North DMC/erst while MCD need not apply. 17. Any mishappening, if occurs before, during and after the event, North DMCwill not be responsible. 18. The firm should furnish Pan Card No and Servic Tax No.. TECHNICAL BID (CONTENT): 1. The tenderer must submit the Earnest money demand draft in the office of Addl. MHO(VBD)upto date of submission of tender otherwise the tender shall be out rightly rejected. 2.Bidder should have past experience on similar contracts for 2 years upto date of issue of tender. (Enclose certificate of successfully executed similar contracts for 2 years.) 3. The tenderer should submit photographs of similar campaign conducted. 4. The following activities will be carried out by the tenderer. (i)There will be one teams of six members along with one supervisor, who will carry out field activities. (ii) The team will perform four street plays of one hour duration daily, community briefings through printed materials, prize distribution based on question/answer session. (iii) There will be One audio visual show daily. (iv)Team will cover 4 locations apart from the audiovisual show location. At each location duration of activities will be one hour and the schedule will be repeated 4 times a day. The module will be 30 minute street play followed by 20 minute community briefing and a ten minute prize distribution. Each day 24 caps will be distributed under the prize distribution i.e. 6 caps at one location. The price distribution will be based on information regarding the factors causing Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya and preventive measures. 5. Team will have a multipurpose medium motor vehicle with health education message printed all around. The vehicle should be fitted with PA system and a screen for film show and with provision to convert it into stage. Enclose sketch of vehicle showing all provisions. 6. Bidders are required to submit detailed writ up/script of activities they propose to carry out in the field. 7. Technical bids including detailed writ up/script of the Activities will be examined by the board. If the writ up is approved by the board the price bid of the firm will be opened, if required, the firms will be called for demonstration at any place in Delhi at the cost of tenderer. PRICE BID (CONTENT) : 1. The rate for the campaign should be quoted in Indian Rupee . 2. The approved rates of the firm shall be valid for the current financial year 2017-18.
Name of work Head of A/c Tender cost E.M.D Cost
Health Education Campaign through field Activities (Street Play) on Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya prevention in North DMC areas for the year 2017-18 XL-III-A(a)-II 500/- Rs 17000/- Rs. 680000/-
EMD Amount In Rs: 17000
Sr No Name of Work Head of Accounts Date Estimated Value In Rs Completion Time (Months/Days as per NIT) Select
1 Field Campaign (Nkuad Natak for Health Education for prevention and control of Dengue Malaria & Chikungunya for the year 2017-18 XL-III-A(a)-II - 680000 3 a
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
1 Purchase and DownLoad Tender Document 500
Seq No Health Dept. Stage Contractor Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time Envelopes
1 Release Tender - 29-06-2017 10:00 29-06-2017 16:00 -
2 - Purchase and DownLoad Tender Document 29-06-2017 16:01 12-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
3 - Online Bid Preparation and Hash Submission 29-06-2017 16:01 14-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
4 Technical and Financial Lock - 14-07-2017 17:01 15-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
5 - Re-encryption of online bids 15-07-2017 17:01 17-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope
6 Techncial Bid Opening - 17-07-2017 17:01 18-07-2017 17:00 Technical Envelope
7 Evaluation of Techncial Bid - 18-07-2017 17:01 19-07-2017 12:25 Technical Envelope
8 Financial Bid Opening - 19-07-2017 12:26 20-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope
9 Evaluation of Financial Bid - 21-07-2017 17:01 22-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope
10 Award of Contract - 22-07-2017 17:01 31-07-2017 17:00 Financial Envelope,Technical Envelope