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About Tribal Flora

Tribal Flora is music that transcends space and time. It started out as a group of friends casually meeting up and jamming out the sunsets by the seaside. We would mostly play tribal rhythms with earthy instruments at that time, using djembes, didgeridoos and morsing (Jew’s harp) and various indigenous drums. The sound gradually crystallized into a form which was earthy and primal.More recently, we've built upon the solid foundation of tribal rhythm and added a variety of flavour to our music to create a unique sound. We include elements from Indian classical, tribal/folk, western (classical, jazz, blues, reggae, and rock), electronica, DnB and psychedelic music. Our sonic arsenal comprises of various indigenous as well as mainstream instruments: We got tablas , djembes, a drum kit, didgeridoos, kalimba, guitars, mornings or mouth harps, flute and digital sound synthesis elements (MIDI/sequencer).A lot of the inspiration is drawn from nature. We've spent a lot of time outdoors together, often jamming with the insects, birds, rivers, wind and fire. Most of our music is spontaneously improvised.

  • Available forCorporate Events,Weddings,Campus Events,Professional Hiring,Charity Events
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
  • Performance FeeAvailable on request
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