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Eventaa.com is “Event Industry’s Global Business Networking Platform". A portal where Event fraternity meets, share and connect with each other. Not just Event fraternity, but even clients extend their needs to the exhaustive list of Service Providers on eventaa.com.  

With thousands of Registrations from 400+ cities and towns of India and now registrations open for all countries, you can connect to a robust network of Event fraternity that can accomplish all your event requirements all over the globe. 

Furthermore features like Event listings, Job postings, Employees network and archives, and many more upcoming features will only add to your user experience. The platform is unique because it envelops the entire Event Industry into a single unit covering up all the grey areas.

Reviews and Ratings

Award and Accoladesare mere way of expressing gratitude by your fraternity, it can’t bring justice to your years of hard work and dedication. Instead there is a better way to bring recognition to your work through “reviews and ratings Project your work success ratio to the clientbased on your “reviews and rating and let them know who you are.

Registration and Verification

Maximize your recognition ratio to the event marketers by registering with us. Check how to take advantage of Gold and Platinum membership. No complicated steps for registration, just follow three simple steps and you are accessible to the entire event industry. Silver membership is a basic membership and it’s a free source, while gold and platinum are designed with lot of value addition plus it’s a status symbol in the industry.

Post Your Event

Let’s get your event bigger. Promote your events globally creating your personal event page on event industry’s biggest networking platform. With various event posted, you will have all the updates of upcoming events through the portal.


Event industry is known for its unorganized pattern, and usually,puts you in discrete situation. To shed some light over such complicated situation Blog could be of great help to end users. It makes you aware of the know how’s of the event industry.

Business Exchange

Digital media makes your business to reach maximum client base with less effort. Post your ads and classifies on Eventaa for your business needs.

Job Posting

Hire or get hired, with 80,000 plus registrant youwill not go unnoticed. With easy to “job post and resume post feature, build an instant connection with employers and employees.


We believe growth and equal opportunity for all event industry aspirants. We keep them updated on latest news and trends through Eventaa’s newsletter and Email notification.

ENA (Employee Network Archives)

There are company employees who quietly render their service as a team for organization success and yet never get noticed. Through ENA, we bring recognition to all event employees to grow on personal as well as professional level. The more and more profiling anyone does on ENA, better their chance to grow as an individual incoherent to the company. It’s a stride towards building up your own brand.

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