Ideal Crowd Management Practices For Events

A huge turn- up at the event marks its success; an event is called so, only when there are attendees. The attendees are the crowd or the spectators of your event. Naturally a large number of people will be attending the event. In such situations crowd management is an important process to avoid chaoRead more


Top Recreational Apps For Event Professionals

We all know how mentally and physically taxing planning and pulling off an event is! Event planners and professionals many a times do not find time for themselves or to take a relaxed moment. A break or refreshment is a must to continue rendering best results in your work, especially when it comes tRead more


Corporate Event Ideas For The Next Event

A corporate event is any form of event organised, hosted and funded by a business entity with an equally broad target audience including existing and potential colleagues, stakeholders, clients and staff. It usually revolves around different business and corporate agendas, goals achieved and etc. HRead more


Top Movies For Event Planners

Everyone loves to watch a film now or then. Movies are inspired by real-life and vice versa at some point or the other. The line of difference between movies and real life is prevalent, but thin. People ideate movies or sometimes movies give people ideas. Basically it is an exchange of thought, feelRead more


Must Watch Netflix Series For Event Planners

Who doesn’t watch series, in fact they impact our mind the most. Soaps have the potential to inspire people’s life at different times and situations in life. Now a days there is no fixed genre for series. They are more plot and twist-centric. Here are soaps you can watch on your NetflixRead more


Flower Choices For Your Winter Wedding

A wedding is incomplete without flowers. Flowers are the most versatile decoration options fitting to multiple amount of theme and colour or even scent requirements. All flowers are pretty but, using the seasonal flowers gives it the entire affair a decorative niche amongst other functions. Here arRead more


Futuristic Event Apps And Software

In this era of digitization, most of the businesses are going digital or online. The event industry too has progressed majorly not only on the digital social media but also technologically and through smart work and devices that have offered different applications and software. Here are the differeRead more


Concepts Of Event Management You Must Know

Event management though a populous profession  isn’t as  simple a task as it sounds, it requires taking care of the different departments, client requirements and handling guest experience in good sense of the event all at once. Whoever manages an event should be a great multi-taskerRead more


Top Themes For Art Exhibition

With the passage of time artists have been recognised and acknowledged to keep creativity around alive. This has also increased the pop culture crowd so, lots of art exhibitions are held to support different kinds of art. Here are the cool themes you can follow for your next art exhibition Tiny ArRead more


Top Campaigns Of August 2019

The campaigns of this August have been different from each other in some way or the other it may be content, theme, innovation and visual designs or even interaction Here are the ten campaigns topping the list of being simply awesome! ‘The Designed To Be Deleted’ Campaign by Hinge Read more


The Ten Worst Ads Of All Time

Most of the advertisements are just propagated for word of mouth of the brand, they make no sense at all. Here are the ten advertisements topping the list of being atrocious! ICICI Lombard’ Banking Problems’ Ad No one talks about banking solutions at a party, it is a very personRead more


Ideas For A Floral Theme Inspired Wedding!

Flowers though, age old preferred decoratives aren’t yet obsolete. They add the soft touch colour and the sophistication to the occasion. Your choices in flowers also determine the nature and the mood of the event. Here are the ideal choices where you can add the flowery touch and amaze your Read more


Promotion Tips For Dancers & Choreographers

In this era of westernization and modernization, the scope and recognition of talent has reached a new level. Mainstream professions and businesses aren’t the only ways of the world. You can be a part of the entertainment & art industry if you have what it takes! Sometimes you see it in yoRead more


Importance Of Event Data

Information is golden and now a days, it acts as the currency of the economy and value to it is fulfilling when it is proximal and readily available. Here are the elements that express rolei and characteristics of event data. Importance and role of data is thoroughly vested in its 5Ws and 1H. Who-Read more


How To Promote Your Exhibition Skilfully?

Unlike other events, exhibitions are a class apart. They mark sophistication and capture a niche audience. Exhibitions majorly cater to different art and science forms such as fine arts, science technology and etc. So, it is quite a task to get the apt audience to be your attendees. Attract the towRead more


Tricks That Will Enhance Your Comedic Creativity

Being a comedian is a strenuous job, you have to win over audiences every time you are on stage, do not forget you have to come up with something fresh and amusing each time you spill out words. Comedians struggle a lot trying to get, create and find new content appealing to the public. Let’sRead more


Event Photography Awards 2019

Good work of any sort is appreciated by all. Through passing years  the scope of talent and platform for expressing it has increased to a whole new extent. Today we will be talking about the glitzy, yet not much talked about awards function recognizing event photographers, Event Photography AwaRead more


Tips For Becoming A Great Bartender

Everyone thinks that being a bartender is a job looked down on, but it isn’t true a bartender is the fuel of the party and it is rather fun being a bartender. The role of a bartender is not just to take orders and serve drinks, but also to attract the crowd, keep them happy and enjoy their driRead more


Adversities Covered Under Event Insurance

An event like other assets is the face and the product of your company so you should mandatorily get it insured. Unforeseen circumstances may come your way at any place and point of time. Let’s indulge into the aspects that can be safeguarded when your event is insured. Event Cancellation- ERead more


Elements To Consider For Flower Decoration At Your Event

Flowers add that soft, yet festive touch to your event. Whether it is a wedding, public event or any event in that matter you will manage to spot flowers at some point of time. Flowers of different colours can be chosen to fit any theme vibrant, glamorous or classy. Here are a few checks to go throRead more


Exquisite Cuisines For Weddings

Food is the life of the wedding, people think of what will be served even before they go to buy the wedding gift. There is a large variety of food available everywhere from across the globe. Good quantity and quality food leaves guests satisfied and praising the bride’s family’s culinaryRead more


Ideal Corporate Gift Ideas

Keeping employees happy helps your company grow speedily. Gifts for employees are like little bundles of appreciation, they will keep your people motivated to give in their best to work.  Now let’s discuss the ideal corporate gifting ideas for employees. Wellness hampers- This idea can Read more


Top Art Installation Trends of 2019

An event has its own state of art and mood which helps the public attending your event a memory. You can follow different themes such as artsy, classic, glam, traditional and etc. With technological advancement and heavy diversity art choices change constantly in the fine art industry. Designers stRead more


The Top Wedding Invitation Trends of 2019

Though not a trivial part of weddings, invitations are an important aspect of a matrimonial occasion. A wedding invitation is like the first look and the impression of your wedding, emphasizing the sophistication of the event. Here are the most loved wedding invitation trends! Moody Colours Like Read more


Legal Matters You Should Look Into For An Event Start-Up!

Now a days people just need a reason to throw an event and the whole occasion becomes glamorous. In recent times many new opportunities and enterprises revolving around the event industry have come up so, the competition is strong. But, if you want to survive the market your start-up should be acclaRead more


The Hike Of The Wedding Industry

Three decades ago people hardly gave a thought of throwing an opulent wedding that has now become an affair and everyone wants to show their glam and class. More than 10 million weddings take place in India each year. In the top cities of India, up to 2 crores may be spent on a wedding lasting for 5Read more


Top Special Acts For Your Next Event

Special Acts are the spice on an event taking you one step forward towards a popular, unforgettable event. Special acts are usually added according to the crowd demographics of the event. Let’s talk about the entertainment dynamics that will leave the attendees awe-struck! Living topiary-Read more


Top Wedding Decor Trends-2019

A Wedding is considered amongst the most auspicious occasions in one’s life! They are never out of fashion. With the passage of time and changing rituals, the choices involved in the manner of marriage have diversified, making the wedding vibrant and memorable. Here are the trends topping thRead more


What To Choose From, DJ or Live Band For Your Event?

Music is a must for social events like weddings, birthdays, parties and other informal occasions. Making the right choice in music will add the proper spice to your event. Generally people hire a DJ or a live brand to add melodies and frolic to their event. Less discuss the distinct traits of both Read more


Choosing The Right Security Services

Due to the ever increasing crime rate, there are many security agencies coming up in the society. Hiring security isn’t a priority in an event but it is one amongst the most important facilities, whatever your event may be. Security must be ensured. Here are the key points to consider while hRead more


Party Plot VS Banquet

Like the sides of a coin every type of location has it’s own pros and cons when you rent a space. Party Plots and Banquets are amongst the most popular venues where events are hosted in present times. Let’s check out the awes and flaws of these venues! Location Party Plot Mostly, It Read more


Qualities Of A Great Anchor

An anchor adds splendour to your event. She/he is responsible for presenting the show. Memorizing the entire event script is very cumbersome and seeing a similar face for long hours is too boring that’s why, generally two anchors are appointed for a single event to share the audience delivery.Read more


The Essentials Of Event Management

Most of the events conducted aren’t spot on with their event management because they miss out at the basics of event management. Events pulled off haphazardly might have a pretty turn up due to the different strategies and publicity. But, that doesn’t make an event successful or impactfuRead more


The Ultimate Pre-Event Management Checklist

Being prepared for everything is always the best way to render a successful event. Event management is complete only when the three phases of it are taken care of effortlessly and efficiently. The phases talked about are pre-event handling, management during event and post-event processes. ConductiRead more


Coolest Event Management Trends For A Better Client Experience!!

There might be a great turn up on the day of the event due to the various marketing and promotional tactics you have carried out. But your event isn’t successful yet, you need to express the purpose of the event as skilfully. Make the event a moment your audience can remember for eternity. MoRead more


Top Event Management Trends You Can Follow For A Better Turn Up!

There are event managers and companies at every nook and corner of the world. However, not all event managers can turn a grand event into a successful one. Sometimes even small-scale events become noteworthy and promising just because they stay true to the agenda and have no loopholes during planninRead more


Anchor & Former Miss Universe India Title Winner Sheena Chohan to Host Saurastra Premier League 2019

Sheena, the dazzling Bengali beauty from Kolkata flashes all colors of life as soon as she steps in as Actor, Model, and Anchor. In the course of realization about her stalwart career, she hatched the nutshell with her perseverance and relentless pursuit for achieving something big. Her spontaneity Read more


Suman Chellani Miss India InterContinental – Anchor, Actor, and Model Unfolds Her Star Destiny Like No other

  Some people are star-struck and blessed with super-powers, touching the heart of millions with their fleet of success. Multi-talented, beauty diva, artist, and anchor Suman Chellani topped the podium with her flawless performance in the event industry. She encased fame and name with her iRead more


A Talk with Dr. Megha Bhatt, founder of SciKnowTech

SciKnowFest is a year-end carnival by SciKnowTech. Under this event, more than 100 projects/concepts/models will be displayed at SciKnowFest at Club Babylon (S.P. Ring Road, Ahmedabad) on 20th April, 7.30 pm onwards. Kids from Grade 2 to 9 come throughout the year on a weekly basis and grade-wiseRead more


An interaction with Nanni Singh, CEO, Showcase Events.

“Music is my passion, and we enjoy curating and executing music related events, thus you will always see more of music events and photographs. We do a lot of corporate events too. We have a rich cultural heritage in our country, the purity of which is getting diluted with all fusion versions cRead more


Why This Race To Become The Next Netflix

The audience has a vast choice of entertainment, this motivates the show producers to broadcast TV series on a platform that gives proprietory feeling to viewers. This was the birth of Netflix. It has become more popular recently because of availability of faster internet at cheaper rates, the platfRead more


5 Sense Experience for A Successful Event

An attendees experience is what determines an event’s success. The more pleasing an experience is for its attendees, the more successful the event is! To please an event attendee is to make an event pleasing for all the five senses.Here is how attendee’s senses function and coordinate crRead more


5 Event Management Lessons To Learn From The Movie Gully Boy.

Lets check out  5 event management lessons to adapt from Gully Boy to make your event raw and  hard like the movie! Promoting eccentricity. Hip-Hop music is the eccentricity that is promoted in the movie Gully Boy! You can apply the same logic to your events, one thing that you canRead more


5 Reasons Why Planning A Wedding Is The Most Profitable Segment In The Event Industry

  Segmentation of the event industry is wide. Some may ask,” what is an event?” The others may answer,” what can't an event be!” From a small birthday celebration  to a gigantic wedding, everything falls under some or the other event category .  Wedding falls Read more


How To Earn As A Local Musician Without A Part-Time Job

  Before becoming The Arijit Singh, the singer was an ordinary artist! Even before getting recognition, a musician is an artist. His passion for music has made him survive throughout his struggle and has become his means to livelihood. There are many musicians who do not aim to become Arijit SRead more


Live music: The Top Trend Of The 2019 Events

  Be it a musical night before a wedding or a get together party ; A campfire session or a corporate meet-up of a company; live music has become an attraction for any event to be a success. More than the recorded music, Djing, people are showing good response towards Live Music. Losing it to DRead more


The Monologue: A Team Unveiling Local Artists.

    In general, a monologue is a long speech . If the name is taken in its literal sense,  monologue is something that Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara has been hearing for more than two years now from the team nameed after it. Giving recognition to 600 local artists in art forRead more


Some Event Management Uncertainties To Look Out For Beforehand

Uncertainty is an analogue to event industry; it is something that every event manager has to deal with daily. The prettiness of the event determines the manager's hardwork. In a phase of uncertainties, given below are some messages event managers never want to see. For them, these are like thunderbRead more


How To Hook Your Audience In The First Minute Of Your Event

Very often we come across events where everything is perfect, the audience is enthusiastic, the hosts are charming, there is good music & even good food, but still, the event looks incomplete. When you take a step forward asking, “Despite of no lack in resources, what is making my event loRead more


Iconic Dress Up Tips For Men To Outshine At Corporate Events!

Men’s dressing style for a corporate event isn't squashed to an area of a pinhead, but they still limit to just 2-3 styles. It is either a suit or regular shirt with trousers for regular workdays, and polo T-shirts with khakis on Fridays and Saturdays. It is only during the festive season thatRead more


Preferable Themes For Your Next Event

Anybody can hold an event, but making it a success  is an entirely a different ball game. A great deal of effort goes into putting up a remarkable corporate event, choosing a novel event theme and then executing it to perfection. Nevertheless, if your next event is a peaceful social affair or Read more


Filler Acts Every Event Manager & Wedding Planner Must Try!

Fun and engaging event fillers are vital for interlinking event episodes and are a base for a successful event. Fillers help attendees to digest the event substantially making it worthy and valuable. Each act in a filler is a booster for the main event to keep the audience tied to their seat withoutRead more


Unconventional Ways In Which B-Town Celebs Inspire Wedding Styles

#Re@Za Your website has been hacked, because your security is low.You need to update this soon, or I will be back! Read more


Décor Your Events & Weddings Using Colour of The Year 2019!

Pantone - The colour institute, declared 'Living Coral' as Colour of the Year 2019. This is inspired by rare sea reefs and global political crises, as its must-have hue for 2019. It’s replacing this year’s colour UltraViolet, a deep purple hue. Pantone is the world-famous authority on cRead more


10 Leading Young Photographers Of Gujarat!

 “In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”                                     Read more


How to Use Tradeshow and Event Data Meaningfully

As Ronald Coase the famous economist succinctly notes, if you torture the data long enough, it will confess. The data in current trend speak more loudly than ever owing to technology development; it implies that the more you dig deeper into data the more you will retrieve concise information or busiRead more


5 Leading Florists of Gujarat!

Flowers are not just beautiful and fragrant, but also expressive in narrating event ambience with vivid emotions. They give deeper meaning to events with their mesmerising colours. Since the earliest days of civilization, flowers remained an integral part of folk festivals, religious ceremonies, anRead more


Fighting Food Waste in Events

The recipe of food-waste is prepared over the griddle of socializing chaos; and probably events stir more of this messy business next to supermarkets. Over the apex of events, event planners and caterers are the blacklisted ones framed for the food mismanagement, which have escalated their desperatiRead more


10 Leading Light & Sound Décor Companies of Gujarat!

For the success of any event, many factors are accountable. However, amongst them, four building stones are crucial. Lighting Sound Décor Food In this article, we will talk about the Lighting and Sound for events. Why Light & Sound are important for any event? In our routinRead more


Finding Future Venues for Events and Festivals

The future events portfolio looks opulent and content with a lot of transformation.  Event venues being at the core of this change, event attendees can expect to see something that is not accustomed to see on regular basis-- pouring lot of excitement, thrill, and surprises.  Let’s uRead more


The Future Predictions of Exhibition Business Based on CEIR Index Report 2018

As we are close to the end of the year 2018, most exhibition and event industry experts are anxious about the current performance of exhibition industry as well as the future trend in terms of revenue, the number of attendees and high performing sectors. To understand the prospects of the exhibitionRead more


Check out 10 Leading Wedding planning companies of Gujarat

Weddings are a very colourful and lavish affair. Weddings are known to be the most challenging event to plan. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and efforts and is not just a day’s affair. It starts with the quest for the perfect match followed by celebrations, lasting at least for a week,Read more


Behind the Curtains of a Great Virtual Tradeshow

It is a long dream of the human race to teleport people anywhere in the world, and the recent advancement in virtual technology like HaptX virtual gloves has pegged one more star to shape the impossible. The gloves let users move through virtual environments and feel virtual objects with their handsRead more


Lighting Tricks to Make Events Appealing and Awesome

Lightings are the lifeline of events. Setting up a right tone for events with varied lighting is a state-of-the-art owned by only a handful of event decorators. They have established themselves as Pablo Picasso and Leonardo-da-Vinci of events. They stand-out from the pack owing to their un-matcRead more


Mind blowing Themes to Design your Events Around

The theme-based event will conceive your attention and convince you to believe the existence of the magical world that you always imagined in fairytales.The marvelous surrounding will arrest you in its mystic clutch and will give a pride moment to be part of it.  The credit of this outstanding Read more


Events that sued over minor or major reasons and lessons learnt

Overwhelmed with the mounting pressure of event, this special moment sometimes heads towards a catastrophic experience for both event-host and event planner either due to mismanagement or miscommunications.  By the time they realize the actual cause it has already left a dent of mistrust, fraudRead more


6 case-studies every event organisers should read

Event organizer’s lateral thinking is a key-holder for their success in trade-shows and events;visualising things beyond usual applications is part of their daily routine. They continuously keep harvesting new ideas, so that their ROI on tradeshow do not stay undervalued.  Here are fRead more


10 Event Centerpieces Every Event & Wedding Planner Must Try

On the canvas of events, centerpiece glitter as bright as mountain tip that glows on the first ray of sunlight, while the hanging decorative imitates the morning dews sprawled over the nature-rug.  The rest in the event breathes under the shed of these charismatic centerpieces passionately inviRead more


Things you should know before choosing RFID for events

Scratch the surface of event technology, and you will find RFID towering on the top of the event gadgets. RFID dismantles the event attendee’s frustration over the queuing on ticket windows, as well as ends the desperation of event organisers on accumulating attendee’s data manually. &nbRead more


11 unusual wedding procession vehicles you have never seen

There is no limit to creative supply at weddings; to steal the spotlight in their life-defining moments the wedding couples love to craft their feeling in visual context and forms. Slicing through massive attendees, wedding couples make guests to take note of their elite presence as bright as a polaRead more


Top 14 Ideas to Make Events Entertaining

Entertainment should be a star-struck experience for event attendees; each second of the performance should unfold surprises and nail-biting moments. Attendees should feel activity a complete thriller stirred with lot of excitement and curiosity. Not just feel the heat of the event but absorb the ecRead more


9 Mobile Camera Accessories to Capture Event Photos/Videos Like a Pro

Blurry and spooky images could turn your event photo-shoot into terrifying demons slide show. However, using a few mobile camera accessories, you can escape this disgrace and could make photo-session more fun than a scary paranormal scenario. Mobiles are arguably the best companion of humans so farRead more


Top 10 Globally Popular Mocktails from High-end Restaurants for Your Event

Event organisers love to lay back in their lightest moment experimenting new novelties at various hotels, bars and restaurant to rejuvenate themselves out of an exhaustive event. Coincidently over their friendly banter and meet-up, they strike some amazing discoveries to shine in their next event. HRead more


Geofencing for Events: A smart & sure way to claim event success

Geofencing is a virtual geographic boundary created using GPS and RFID technology for location-based-marketing. In simple words, a technology to catch customers near your business. This pre-defined virtual boundary works on sensors and is activated whenever someone enters or exits the boundary. As Read more


Top 12 International Rules Indian Event Industry Must Implement

The billion-dollar Indian event industry is observing a major shift in its organizational strategy, technology and Infrastructure.  With every brick stacking up for a stronger foundation there is no room for weak links that could lead to a complete savage. Considering this, there are few InterRead more


Best Event Photography of the Year 2018

Event scribble on the hues of celebration rainbow- each moment, each occasion and each festival varying in their expression.  These subtle expressions somewhere describe the sentiments of individual or groups associated with that event, which dissolves among the mass in seconds, just like the mRead more


Trade show lessons that Event management class don’t teach

Trade-show can run down chill to anybody’s backbone as there are multiple things to do. Exhibitors will be handling registration, organising logistics, laying out the display, attracting visitors, distributing giveaways, sales, and much more. But are they trained for this? When event aspirantRead more


Music festivals around the Globe you must attend before you die

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t”, - Johnny Depp Music, the universal language! When we talk about music, how can we forget about music festivals, which unites people around the globe at one place. There are thousands of music festivals happening every year Read more


Innovative ideas to make any event 100% eco-friendly

The surplus amount of waste produced during events is irritatingly getting under the skin of event planners and, them now, desperately looking for a long-term solution.  Probably, they see this solution in the vent of Zero Waste Management.  Zero waste concept advocates the reduce usage Read more


World’s Best Creative Signages

Signage is known for their creativity. Signage is the design and symbols to communicate a message or give the statistic to a specific group commonly for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy. The main purpose of signage is to communicate or convey a message or any information. Now this siRead more


How To Become Wedding Planner Just In 200 Rupees?

If you are the kind of person that enjoys a dynamic and unpredictable (but exciting!) working environment, becoming a wedding planner might be the perfect career for you. In case finances are the issue, then fret not, here is the easiest way to earn money just by investing 200 rupees as a Wedding PlRead more


Exceptional Experiential Campaigns That Wowed Everyone!

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” -Seth Godin According to David Moth, the author of Marketing Week, experiential marketing creates a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. ExRead more


Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations

After the hectic wedding rituals, honeymoon is a much- awaited vacation for the newly married couples who have been dreaming about. But most of the honeymoon destinations in India are crowded and might be a little painful option for those who are searching a peaceful vacation. Getting hitched is Read more


Funny incidents in weddings that burst everyone into laughter

Emotions are momentary and spontaneous, which sometimes explode in an entirely bizarre manner setting of an unusual funny incident. Usually, seen on the verge of wedding events. The wedding which is not meant to be funny at all, suddenly transverse a wave of giggle among attendees. The incident popsRead more


Amazing News that made Headlines in Event Industry

It’s a middle of spring and event industry started blossoming new florets in their backyard.  The industry is observing a revolutionary phase similar to what Microsoft or Apple experienced in 90’s.  It was not surprising the change once again came out on the cusp of technology,Read more


Most rare “Projection Mapping” videos of the world

Projection Mapping is similar to everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen, light is mapped onto any surface, turning regular objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays. Projection mapping has many alternate names including the original academic term “spatiaRead more


Collection of Creative 'Save The Date' Videos

A save-the-date video is a way to share your unique love story with the wedding guests who may not know both the bride and groom—and the two of you as a couple. Getting hitched this year? Go for a video save-the-date. It is one of those shareable ways to break the biggest news with your frienRead more


Food trends for your next events & weddings

Rare is the event without food or beverage element. Food is one of the major motivators for people to attend events. Because of this, the event and wedding planners make sure that the food and beverages make a memorable impression on the attendees. The food is often what people remember most about aRead more


Color trends that shaped the event designs in last 5 years

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” – Massimo Vignelli Creating an amazing event design constitutes a lot of aspects than just focusing on the looks of the place of the event. Event design is about taking a space and transforming it into a place that is iRead more


Modern Mehndi Designs You Must Try Today!

Mehndi or Mehendi is a form of body art from Ancient India, and till date, it has not lost its importance. Mehndi is still a popular form of body art among the women of the Indian Subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East. There are many types of mehndi designs like Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, AfricaRead more


Lighting ideas to light up your next event!

“Light is the first element of design; without it, there is no colour, form, or texture.” - Thomas E. Farin – educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur Lighting may not be the first thing on the list of an event planner, but it is quite an essential part of an event. It haRead more


A quick-analysis of Event Industry – The Glossy vs. the Gloomy

Event industry has two different sides, one that is colourful, rich and glittery while the other that is stressful, daunting and cumbersome. Both sides are inevitable and have advantages and disadvantages. Considering the above fact, the red carpet for any event industry aspirant can come cosy but Read more


The Most Creative Ads of 2017

Creative without strategy is ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’. -Jef I. Richards Creativity refers to the extent to which an advertisement contains a brand or execution elements that are different, novel, unusual, original and unique. Creativity is the sRead more


Mind Blowing Lighting Effects by German Creative Agency is Taking Event Industry by Storm

In the  event industry, the competition is more fierce than any other industries.  It is not just confined to persuade clients, for one particular event, but winning them over a long-term with some unique ideas that put their product promotion /launch/ brand awareness etc. on top of the shRead more


10 Tragic Accidents in Event Industry Nobody Wants to See Again…

Safety in events has become a major concern among the event companies across the globe. Even with the best planning and implementation of measures, there’s always a fear of accidents or disasters. From a risk-management perspective, it's important not to lose sight of health and safety. The evRead more


10 Tips to Make Any Event Successful

Every event organizer hopes for their event to be successful, but what are the necessary ingredients that make any event successful? According to experts, “A good event plan is like a roadmap to event success: it shows the final Destination and usually the best way to get there.” An Read more


Top Free Apps event planners should have in 2018

In last one decade, the dynamics of event industry have changed due to the expansion of event celebrations as well as the higher expectations from the clients, which eventually put the event planner’s managerial skills to test. It became inevitable for the event planners to remain observant oRead more


Uncover the success story of Poojan Decor with Mr. Pintoo Dandwala

Decoration Industry and Event planning in India are known to be quite a prolific one. There could be a million options for decorating an event, but it takes the right event planner, decorator to plan and design the best. Poojan décor is one of them. They are known in the event industry for Read more


Grow your Business with eventaa.com

Hello…. Event Companies/Wedding Planners/Exhibitions Organizers/Artists /Vendors-service providers/venue owner   Eventaa.com is the global business networking platform meant exclusively for the event industry! Eventaa today, has more than 90,000 registrations from 1,500+ categories Read more


When will corporates adopt this sport?

Ice Hockey is by far the fastest of major sports, both in terms of speed of play and the lack of interruptions during games. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is the governing body of International Ice Hockey. India is one among the 76 nations who are members ofRead more


Ideas to Make Exciting Display Booth/Stall in Smaller Space

Creating an impact with small space is the new culture of modern day lifestyle. But the question is—How will event exhibitors adapt themselves to this new culture?  Trade-shows and exhibitions held in metro-cities have sky-high prices, to the extent that it looks like they are competing Read more


The Flower Trend Forecast for 2018 Is Out!

Flowers are beautiful, and their exquisite aroma fills the events with tranquillity. Floral designers, florists, event designers and planners get inspired by the trends in floral design. The Flower Trends Forecast releases the floral design trends annually and includes the predictions of flowers, coRead more


The 10 Best Indian Metro City Clubs for New Year Party

On 31st of December, when the day will descend towards the dusk, people will gear-up to celebrate their New Year Party. The streets will be flooded with the crowd, and the party-lovers will be seen gushing outside the clubs with their extra-ordinary shimmering party wears.  If you see yourselfRead more


Colour guide to assist your event/wedding design in 2018

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems and leading technology for the collection and precise communication of colour across a variety of industries. Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year was inspired by nature – greenery. The colour took everyone bRead more


Has Corruption Muddled the Event Industry?

Corruption; in simple terms, is unethical conduct by a person or authority. Anyone who misuses the power entrusted to him/her for personal gains is guilty of resorting to corrupt practices. It is a global issue, discussed and debated about at multiple forums in various countries across the globe. ERead more


Event Business Forecast - 2018

Turnover is vanity; Profit is sanity. But in the event industry, turning an investment into profit asks for more than just your sanity. You need to watch all the nooks and corners, all data and figures, all surveys and forums before you dig out event industry’s golden mine. Events will go hRead more


In Talks with Mr. Pawan Kapoor

In the present day, with various trends coming up in the event industry, many service providers have come up with unique products and services such as innovative lights, trendy cameras, limos, mobile toilets and vanity vans to make the events a success and give them an exclusive touch! Eventaa Read more


One stop solution for all your Event Industry needs!

Event industry, being the huge one, has multiple requirements. Finding your needs in the event industry can be difficult. But, if you know the right place to initiate your search, the work’s done easily and quickly. The requirements may be from the event companies, event managers, venue ownersRead more


CV to PPT by Rajkumar Jha

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.” -Lilly Walters Executive Director of Walters International Speakers Bureau Your presentation is your mirror and it reflects your personality. From our CVs to our powerpoiRead more


Wearable Technology for Events in 2018

2018 will be a year of technological inventions that will please every industry in every way. Every invention has evolved with time and has crossed our expectations at a major scale. These inventions will come up as a solution to the little problems we face in our everyday life. The glitzy new-yeaRead more


Innovative Ideas to make your corporate event unique

So far you must have seen many corporate events organized in a regular pattern. These corporate events include seminars, conferences, trade shows, board meetings, felicitation events, product launch events, etc. Over the years, these events do not look upgraded in their presentation nor in their orRead more


Why Event Venue Choice is Essential for Event’s Success

Event venue plays a pivotal role in the success of any event. There are numerous factors of events that do not seem obvious until you finalize your event venue.  The decision making regarding venues, start taking shape before 2-3 months. For event organizers or hosts, this duration is nothing lRead more


In just 1 minute do you know the usage of Internet?

From a total of 8 billion people around the world, there are nearly 4 billion active users on the internet and 2 billion on Facebook alone.  These insights tell the widespread prevalence of the internet and its influence globally.  Forget about the hours, even if you trace internet user&Read more


In Conversation With The Director Of Rachnoutsav Academy

Rakhi Kankaria, the genesis of this celebrations journey is the Director of Rachnoutsav Events Pvt Ltd. She is the execution and administration brain behind the inception and the growing acceptance of Rachnoutsav in the marketplace today as a full spectrum Events Company. She is the energy flowing tRead more


Data Analytics for Event Success

Have you ever thought to trim Events with Data-analytics reports to witness event success? No. Not a problem, we hold on to the phrase -better late than never. Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are hitting the deck hard for modern day business growth. Technologies are gradually getting thRead more


Is the Indian Wedding Industry Dwindling?

Demonetisation and GST are the biggest economic reforms that hit various sectors of the Indian economy. It mainly brought enormous changes in the fields of event industry mainly the weddings. With the upcoming wedding season, one cannot help but notice that Indian wedding industry is a huge one. TRead more


Revisiting The Noise Pollution Laws In The Country

Event industry stands out as a well-equipped industry that generates employment for more than 5 lakh people; directly and indirectly. The industry gives the opportunity to the skilled and unskilled, educated and uneducated set of professionals. It is believed that if certain bottlenecks are removed Read more


Why Narendra Modi is the best Event Manager

Being surrounded by a sparkling persona is a rare occasion but a rarest of rare when the spellbound auras of such persona ink-down the history. Narendra Modi possesses the same stature and has enveloped multiple skills under the hood influencing mass. Times of India- “Modi is very good at hisRead more


Are Events a soft target for terrorists

We were living in an era where terrorism visibly was a copyright of few nations but off late these days it has become an everyday affair in most of the geographical locations around the globe. Millions of innocent people lose their lives and pay for mistakes that were never theirs. Every country at Read more


Is Event IP the future of the Event Industry?

Over the years, Intellectual Property has come up the ladder among the top services delivered by the event industry. Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce. These creations enable Read more


Is competition killing or building the Event Industry?

  Whether it is decorators, sound & light suppliers or any other agency in the supply chain of the Event Industry, whether it is an artist or any other content provider or it is about Event Management companies...all may be operating their businesses at different levels, but competition isRead more


Event Anchoring: 8 Favourite Tips and Tricks for Experienced Anchors

There is a “figure of speech” for writing and articulating sentences, but to speak those sentences you have to figure out the “speech” by your own. Yes, it’s a paradox- all anchors accept. Let’s, dig it out more! Speak words and let them sail to your audience. Read more


“Lateral Thinking” will make you Unbeatable in Business

  Lateral Thinking will make you Unbeatable in Business Why lateral thinking matters? ·         Parking your car in narrow space - (locked) ·         Taking a sip of hot coffee while reading - (locked) ·&Read more


Why Only “Jugaadu” Event Managers Succeed

“A stitch in time saves nine”- when you resolve the problem immediately it may save undue efforts. By ignoring formal education one might still qualify as an event manager but ignoring cognitive skills might not qualify him as the best event manager.The event manager is swamped through Read more


4 Amazing Tips to Time Management for Event Company

“80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts” this postulate is earning a great value in modern working culture, this is possible if time management is thoroughly induced into your work regime or ethics. In the current scenario, where you try to steal time in-between a tick of a sRead more


9 Voice Technology Insights Your Events Needs to Know

“Hey, leave your message after………beeppppp….” when you hear this voice on your phone it’s an assurance that you are partially heard even though you are not heard. Just like that, there are tons of things that voice technology assures you in coming days.&nRead more


How Technology is changing the way we plan an Event

Connecting dots between audience and event is what technology helps to achieve in the current date. Unlike pre-mobile and pre-internet era, where the event has less to cater, today it has created more scope on the commercial ground and audience engagement level. These new technologies for Events areRead more


BASICS you should know about Industrial Generators

Generators for industrial purpose come with various configuration and features.  It’s imperative that customers should know details about generators before they go for the hire or purchase, things like running costs, fuel efficiency, fuel tank capacity, Power factor, and so on. The mostRead more


Is winning awards critical for business growth?

A glamorous award function is staged to honour you and few others who have done good work in their respective field. They awarded you with an artistic sculpture to felicitate your achievements, and for a while, you felt like royal reigns under your feet. The accolade does not actually reflect yourRead more


Tips to reduce your stress before an Event in less than 5 minutes

How you wish to have protective armor to save yourself from stress, especially when you are bracing up for an Event. Even If you had one, it would not withstand against the Event ruckus. It would start fading away as you come closer to the event and almost disappear on the Event day. So what could yRead more


Networking is the solution for business growth

Networking is about weaving people together driven by similar ambition and passion. Networking can quickly convert opportunities into business if you are connected to the right networking channel. Your business growth is inevitable when it becomes the missing link of this network. Interacting withRead more


Key to success for an event project

The key to success for an Event Project lies in the roles and responsibilities of the team, a strength crucial in Project Management. To ensure event team delivers, three terms must be well defined: Responsibilities, Accountability, and Authority. 1) Responsibility is a commitment to do or performRead more


How to be most successful in the Event Industry

After spending 22 years in this Industry, I can conclude there is no fixed formula for success. Formulas and formats of business evolve day in and day out. Also, the situation is different from one company/person to the other. On top of it, the market dynamics are changing at a faster speed than eveRead more



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