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Dandi Salt Challenge: a (cyclo+Mara)thon by Great Salt March Events LLP


Back then, in 1930 it was M.K. Gandhi with 80 followers of his starting from Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad, to break what they thought was unlawful. 12th March, the date on which it started in 1930 is when Dandi Salt Challenge will ask you to #Kar Ke Dekhien. Four Pillars behind what will be witnessed by the world in March 2019 are Tushar Gandhi, a great grandson of Mahatma, Kanakasabapathy Pandyan, who chuckles while hearing to my comment on his talk about how Internet in India was established,” you guys were the ones who had an entry to see the world that the world was yet to see!” India’s Internet pioneer and founder of NASSCOM, Tilak Shetty, who has wrote books on C language and directed many award winning animation films and Munjal Shroff who is a media entrepreneur holding a chair of the governing board member Media and Entertainment Skill Council.                                      

When asked about their relations, Mr. Pandyan years back out to 2002 when he and Tushar first created mahatma.org.in, the website that gives out the world data about Mahatma and his deeds. Continuing their journey he adds,” It was in 2004 when we registered ourselves as Mahatma Gandhi Foundation and we even a Dandi walk then.” It took 14 more years but the spirit to enlarge Gandhian Philosophy had been rightly instilled in their minds and 2019’s Dandi Salt Challenge will, I am sure, be a proof of it. Great Salt March Events LLP is what they did register by, specifically for Dandi Salt Challenge.


Dandi Salt Challenge’s schedule:

Talking about people’s response to this wonderful idea of enlarging Gandhian Philosophy through health challenge as it may seem to the commoner, Mr Pandyan adds,” there is even a team of 2 which is specially-abled people that have registered and will be competing with others on wheel chairs. They have participated for 19 and a half marathons in 10 days,” to which I went gaga on hearing. Dandi Salt Challenge is one of its own kinds and going through its schedule mentioned above would speak of how flexible it is for anyone to wishes to join it.

“Normally Marathons are a day long. Dandi Salt Challenge sets itself apart from others by its length and the categories it is offering enthusiasts nationwide to compete,” speaking about its unique essence Mr. Pandyan continues,” you have participants who would be reaching Dandi after their journey of 10 days, some after 5 days and there is one day Marathon that would start from Navasari asking people to cover a 71 km distance in a day. The point is,” he says,” everyone will reach Dandi on the 21st. People on their toes has varied categories but for those who will be pedaling their way throughout also have two categories i.e. a three day format and the 27 hours format how Mr. Pandyan terms it.

Being a Gandhian myself, I feel that’s the correct interpretation of Gandhian Philosophy that has some or the other alternative for everyone with an intention to do something good, something truthful compared to the one with even a minute infamous intention in his head. So for all those who haven’t registered yet! Now is the time to be a part of #Kar Ke Dekhien!

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