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Making moms worldwide proud of their post-birth body: #BodyProudMoms


The rapid transformation of technology is speedily letting our eyes glance through those perspectives which came across our eyes after an investment of a handsome amount of time! Humans are propelled for asking questions, after comparing the newer perspective with the older one. Technological example of such nuance is: Instead of manpower, what if machines are employed for delivering? Psychological example of such nuance is: Mothers are the only source of creation, shouldn’t they be credited more instead of criticized? Focusing on the psychological effect that this transformation is creating, mothercare.com came up with a succinct campaign called #BodyProudMoms

This campaign wants everyone to see the beauty that a resultant woman body after giving birth to a child possesses. Admiring the beauty of a post-birth body is seeing an unexplored perspective of a woman’s journey. There are 10 beautifully audacious moms that are working with mothercare.com for their eccentric campaign. Each of those 10 moms has their individual story to share, which helps one to see the unexplored perspective. Sophie, the photographer who is currently helping mothercare.com digitally picture a post-birth body of mom says how the images,” depict the raw and incredibly emotional experience of childbirth. The aim is for mums of all shapes and sizes to be able to identify with these photos in one way or another, and to feel more confident with their imperfections.”

The effectiveness of this campaign came into the eyes of people when #BodyProudMoms stood runner-up in “The Women We See” competition by Transport For London.

Usually, marketing campaigns for pregnancy care & baby care products show moms with a perfect model figure body; these kinds of advertisements does not help consumer mothers in improving their confidence. In fact, consumer mothers get more depressed thinking, why my body has still not returned to the pre-pregnancy state? Never has any brand ever attempted to show real beauty which is never existed without raw stretch marks!

Campaign #bodyproudmums got a good response from the audience on social media too. A lot of moms have posted their pictures showing their stretch marks and postpartum body.

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