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Experience at Eventsthan 2019, an insight from the session, and their definition of a successful event manager and wedding planner.


Interviewing six speakers from two different sessions of Eventsthan 2019, for knowing their experience at Eventsthan 2019, getting their insight from their speech at respective sessions and asking them “what according to them is a successful event manager & wedding planner?”

”My experience at Eventsthan 2019 was fantastic! Everything at this year’s Eventsthan was a lot more organized than the previous one. The speakers were well read and the audience was more encouraging. Food was fantastic and the entertainment was also suitable.”

Rituraj Khanna handles the business development at Q Events by Geeta Samuel. Mr. Khanna was one of the key speakers at the session, Event Manager: A Super Hero. Sharing how his speech had current concerns of the event manager Mr. Khanna says,” We spoke how there is a class of youngsters which are hardworking and very creative, whilst on the other hand, there is another which is busy copying what is available on the Internet.”

“An event manager who has a good memory, cool attitude towards uncertainties & authenticity in his work is a successful event manager,” answers Mr. Khanna to the question,” What according to you is a successful event manager?”

Jyoti Singh, Director of V Indus PTE LTD, speaks about her experience at Eventsthan 2019,” Doing entrepreneurship becomes easier by events like Eventsthan. This was the first time at Eventsthan. It was really inspiring to realize that an event manager is no less than a superhero.”

When asked to give an insight from her speech at the session, Event Manager: A Super Hero she says,” An event manager is someone who starts from a scratch, and if need be he also cleans up the mess that is collected after the event! He never hesitates in doing his job which entails everything. This characteristic is the one that makes him a real-life superhero.”

Ms. Singh defines a successful event manager as;" He (a successful event manager) should be a “people’s person.” His attitude should be all-appreciating, all-comprising because, during his event, he has to deal with a lot of heads.”

“Every year Eventsthan upgrades from the previous one, there are upgrades in the technological aspects of the event, there are upgrades in the quality of speakers & the session’s topics. So attending Eventstan is like rejuvenating,” says Arshad Hussain owner of the event management firm, NEXZEN.

Talking about the title of his session, Mr. Hussain says, “An event manager is a superhero because he/she faces all the uncertainties that come across while managing an event and despite that, he does not miss a deadline that is given to his/her client.”

“Creativity is what makes a successful event manager, the ability to think out of the box and above the normal is what makes a successful event manager,” answers Arshad when asked, what according to him makes a successful event manager?

Mahavir Pratap Sharma, the moderator of the session Band Baja Baraat says," Every edition of Eventsthan brings in new learning & new technology. There is more networking than the previous edition, new ideas are shared and we are inspired.”

Adding to that, Mr. Sharma said about the theme which the session, Band Baaja Baraat addressed,” Our session spoke about the challenges and problems faced by the young wedding planners of Jaipur and should those problems be addressed.”

Mr. Sharma says,” A successful wedding planner is the one who matches the bride’s aspiration and dreams to her father’s budget.”  

When asked Himanshu Shah, chief mentor of SOI Live Marketing, his experience at Eventsthan 2019 he says,” This was my first time at Eventsthan event. Entry to the venue was very neatly and uniquely branded. The set up in the hall was top class. Entire food area was very well set up. Exhibition stalls were of great interest. Attendance was very good. The content was very relevant and crisp. The networking party was very exciting, interactive and fantastic food and drink.”

Mr. Shah was a speaker from the session Event Manager: A Super Hero. An insight from his speech at the session is,” The event industry is growing and growing. There is huge scope for business, but there is no need to compete. Competition is created because if we compete there is competition. We need to create our own USP because price war is destructive and cannot last long. Also, we are into serious business, need to take care of overall overheads and also not mix pleasures which end into overheads. That’s the main reason that through our business still has good margins, net profits are very low.”

According to him, a successful event manager is,” one who has a thorough knowledge of the domain in which the person operates. Other than that, Good Negotiation Skills, Top Class Client Servicing, Relationship Management and Ton of Creativity are the key factors that make a successful event manager.”

“I have attended Eventsthan before as a speaker, before as well. Definitely, current event's format is better, bigger and wider in terms of its industry presence,” says Aarti Matto, Founder & Chairperson, Momentum Group.

Ms. Matto, a speaker at the session Band Baaja Baraat, spoke about the wedding industry.

“In the current growth phase of this magnanimous wedding industry, I urged all the fellow rising entrepreneurs to maintain integrity & business ethics and leave a legacy for future event professionals. My urge to them is primarily because it’s our own industry, the ecosystem we co-exist in and will continue to! Hence the hygiene of this fraternity is our responsibility and duty. We should not compromise our morals & values for temporarily rewarding situations.”

About her definition of successful wedding planner, Ms Matto says,” Creativity, innovation and a detail-oriented management person makes a successful event manager.

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