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Paper Phone: A Digital Wellbeing Experiment By Google


Technology has brought us limitless opportunities and sculpted the world in a way we couldn’t have imagined, but there are also distractions and side effects that come with constantly being plugged into tech. Aside from the time spent absorbing all of this digital flow of information, being constantly plugged into feeds and conversations is distracting and exhausting. Disconnecting is good for your mental health, it will help you slow down and clear your head. and so Today, the company has launched 5 new digital wellbeing experiments on Android and they’re all available as apps for you to try.

Google's “Paper Phone” app lets you print a foldable paper phone that contains important features of your smartphone like contacts, maps, task list and so on. it also gives you space to stick your card inside. All you have to do is select the apps important for you and the app will print out the foldable phone that will replace your phone for a day and give you the much-needed detox

Another app is called “Morph”, which adapts your phone to what you are doing, giving you just the right apps at just the right time. All you have to do is divide your time and choose the apps that suits you in each mode and feed it accordingly in the app. Based on time or place, your phone will automatically adapt to what you are doing. This will help you focus on things.

Much like the classic game, Google’s “Desert Island” digital wellbeing app for Android helps you to find focus by challenging you to go for a day with a handful of essential apps. Simply pick the apps that are most important to you and decide the time limit. The app takes over your smartphone and only includes shortcuts to the apps you selected such as the camera, a note-taking app, messages, and more.

We Flip” app enables you to switch off from technology as a group to spend quality time together.  The app takes every phone in the group and pairs them when people flip the switch together to begin the session. The app then tracks who takes a peek at their phones and, when someone unlocks, the session ends and provides some stats. It seems like a clever way to keep the group accountable for their phones.


The next in the list is “Post Box.” The idea behind this app is to minimize distractions by limiting your notification. Simply choose how often you’d like your notifications to be delivered and instead of delivering them all at once, Post Box gathers your notifications through the day and delivers them in an organized way up to 4 times each day. When they arrive, they’ll be neatly organized for you to go through.

The last app is  “Unlock Clock", used as a live wallpaper that displays the number of times you’ve unlocked your smartphone throughout the day. Once downloaded, it will appear as an option in your live wallpaper picker. 

Unlock Clock helps you consider your tech use, by counting and displaying the number of times you unlock your phone in a day. Simply download the wallpaper and get started.


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