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Confluence: Celebrating India-Bangladesh Printmaking,Attracts Huge Visitors.


The India-Bangladesh arts exhibition have attracted huge visitors at the India Habitat Centre as the art lovers of all ages gathered at the venue to have a glimpse of the art works of the prominent artists of the two countries.
The nine-day exhibition styled 'Confluence: Celebrating India-Bangladesh Printmaking' began at the Visual Art Gallery of India Habitat Centre on Thursday "with an aim to facilitate an engaging experience creating multiple exposure to various facets of the art of printmaking".Printmaking is an art form consisting of the production of images, usually on paper but occasionally on fabric, parchment, plastic, or other support, by various techniques of multiplication.
Art works of 24 eminent contemporary printmaking artists from Bangladesh and India along with two great modern masters - late Somenath Hore from India and late Safiuddin Ahmed from Bangladesh - are being displayed in the exhibition.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, talks, on-loop videos on printmaking and its techniques and sections on history of printmaking are being organized to boost the awareness about this often-misconstrued medium of fine arts.
Lubna Sen, founder of The Art Route and Curator of the Exhibition said the theme has been selected to complement this endeavor of increasing the awareness regarding printmaking in Indian sub-continent.
She said that art and culture of India and Bangladesh have always been inextricably linked to each other in aesthetics, historical toots and chronological growth. "This shared history also plays an important role in development of the art and printmaking".
Lubna said the event 'Confluence', which literally suggests a place where two rivers meet, will explore the dialogue which still continues amongst the printmakers of the two nations, creating overlaps in their individual evolutionary journeys.
Prof Nasir Hossain, another curator from Bangladesh however, said that such type of exhibition will increase people-to-people contact and help boost technical know-how of the young artists about the contemporary arts of the sub-continent.
He emphasized on frequently organizing such event in other countries of the region to let the people know about the history of art and its techniques in the region.
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