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Eventaa News has been closely following the EEMA elections as its not just related to the members of EEMA but impacts and influences the entire eco system of the events industry. This article is based on research and inputs gathered from time to time including information received on the basis of remaining anonymous.  

Since last general elections EEMA has seen lots of ups and downs especially due to a small specific group of 10/15 members who could not sportingly accept the verdict of members to bring change in EEMA. in the history of past 10 years suddenly an opposition cult was born in EEMA which earlier never existed. Previous 4 years of the last nominated National Executive Committee of EEMA had faced serious criticism due to undemocratic and autocratic management of EEMA. Most of the NEC members were for the name sake. No new members were joining EEMA. Most of the memebrs not ready to pay fees as they found it worthless. This specific group which turned into an opposition camp are the same members who directly or indirectly ruled EEMA for 10 long years. They could never digest the fact that members had voted them out and they should respect the verdict of members.

From day one of new NEC, this opposition cult made constant attempts for backseat driving of the management through their own few members in the new NEC. This reality was the factor of constant disturbance within the NEC in which even majority opinions and decisions were bypassed by the leadership which kept NEC at ransom with the threat of resigning to generate upheaval amongst members. This is evident from the fact that resigned President Sanjoy Roy (of Teamwork ) created history by resigning thrice. Twice he withdrew as he never intended but succeeded in creating a failed coup to dislodge the elected NEC. But his 3rd resignation attempt to generate a sympathy wave for the benefit of opposition team along with EVP Sanjeev Pasricha (CS Direct and chief advisor of Sanjoy), Ms Reema Sangvi VP West (Director -Pinkathon) and Mr Vijay Bokhadia VP East failed miserably. Finally the current NEC took charge boldly without heeding to this drama with most senior NEC member Mr Himanshu Shah – (General Secretary) taking over the responsibility of leading the NEC consisting of Mr K J Gurna (Treasurer), Mr Deepak Pawar (Secretary), Mr Vipul Pandi ( VP North) and Mr Arun (VP South).

The current NEC quickly took steps of appointing 5 member Elections Committee which released one of the finest elections process manual and schedule for elections and ensured a free and fair elections in EEMA. Today EC announced the final list of contestants for the Office bearers and the Zonal Committees. Mr Deepak Pawar currently Secretary ( of Midas Next) contesting for second term has been unopposed for the post of Secretary, Mr KJ Gurna currently Treasurer (of Bellset Entertainment), contesting for second term for the post of Treasurer is unopposed after withdrawal of nomination by Mr Vijay Arora of Touchwood events.

Now the core question is to see whom will EEMA elect for the leadership position of this apex body of event industry. Eventaa News has done some dipstick assessment of candidates for the post of President, Executive Vice President & General Secretary. This election is not going to be about individuals it will be between established traits & history leading to elections between grounded personalities & Hippocratic personalities.

Eventaa News derived parameters which are required of candidates to take up key positions in EEMA to lead industry. All the candidates have been rated on 0-10 points basis and attributes towards each key parameters required amongst the candidates.

Contestants for the post of President:                  

Its a case of wait and watch whether members have voted on the basis of relationship/groups or have voted on the basis of attributes and super qualities required for such high post of President.  

Only time will tell when results are announced that members of EEMA voted for a grounded, inclusive and business body culture or voted for a private party and show man culture to lead event industry of India.

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