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Failed strategy of back seat driving in EEMA (Part - 1)


Hunger for power can lead anyone to go to any extent. Lalu Prasad had to resign but he appointed Rabri Devi in his place and continued ruling from the back. But it is not that such things happen only in national politics. 

For the first time Eventaa News connected the dots and tumbled upon this strategy in a business body - EEMA. 

As per the EEMA constitution, Sabbas Joseph had to step down as President after ruling EEMA for 4 long years. Search for new President ended with Sanjoy Roy of Teamwork after Sabbas forced Rajeev Jain not to contest. A completely unknown person within EEMA and the event Industry was made President to lead the event industry. 

Sanjoy’s projected image of innocence started falling apart when strings started being pulled from behind. Various committees and it’s members were proposed by NEC. Sanjoy overruled it. Though he hardly knew anyone except Sabbas, he forced his own list of committee members. How did he make this list on his own without consulting the NEC? Who actually made it? Some NEC members judged this early and established that the NEC is headed by a puppet President with strings being pulled by Sabbas and team . 

Various more dots got connected with various acts, actions and decisions of Sanjoy like over ruling majority based opinions/decisions in NEC, forcing NEC to suppress and not take action on grave financial/non-financial irregularities, frauds and scams during Sabbas regime running into crores of rupee losses to EEMA. NEC was forced to wrongfully right off lakhs of rupees projected as revenue by Sabbas and his NEC team. 

Dots further got strongly connected when unknown person within EEMA - Sanjoy, who inherited a united NEC, successfully broke the unity by making Sanjeev Pasricha (EVP), Reema Sanghavi (VP West) and Vijay Bokhadia (VP East) openly defunct and became Sanjoy led Sabbas team within NEC. Suddenly an opposition lead by President entered NEC where they still did not enjoy a majority. With President himself on opposite side conflicts became regular as majority of NEC pushed for best practices and went on stalling back door politics of Sabbas. Attempts to dislodge NEC became a constant agenda. Question arises, who successfully made 3 NEC members switch side by dumping their own friends with whom they had contested elections? 

Who unleashed strategy to remove General Secretary who was a biggest road block to their wrong moves?- Constant efforts were made to remove/make defunct, General Secretary who did not succumb to unlimited pressures and was stalling all wrong moves and decision in interest of EEMA? 

Who strategized a failed illegal attempt to make duly elected GS and NEC resign which began from fabricated petty complains to full fledge open resignation demand drama at the AGM? Who drove this failed attack to make NEC to resign? For what? 

Who drove constant battering on EEMA official groups only by few Sabbas loyalists to generate a Anti-NEC wave? 

Lastly, who designed strategy to make Sanjoy Roy (President), Sanjeev Pashricha (EVP), Reema Sanghavi (VP West) and Vijay Bokhadia resign a mass on lame excuse to make complete NEC resign to generate a wave in members’ mind set, control election process and win elections? Though failed badly.

Behind every dot a now visible string connects them all to establish clear cut back seat driving from outside NEC by Sabbas and his key loyalists like Rajeev Jain, Vijay Arora, Ankur Kalra, Siddarth Chaturvedi, Rajesh Varma, Samit Garg, Siddarth Ganeriwala, etc. 

Falling on face due to various failed strategies of back seat driving and back door entry to NEC, Sabbas team is back in action in current elections with back door entry to NEC strategy. Failed attempts have not reduced lust for power of Sababs and team. 

Who are his front faces in this elections? Puppets with string in the hands of Sabbas! 

Eventaa News will connect these dots in next part and also reveal how once again this strategy is already falling apart. 

Every EEMA member should know the truth before they vote as it impacts the industry. Eventaa News will expose it all with truthful, fair and fearless reporting.

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