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EEMA elects Best Brand Ambassador for Event Industry


EEMA elected Mr. Roshan Abbas (Geometry Encompass) as its 5th President for a term of two years. He defeated his only rival Mr. Rajeev Jain. Roshan got 116 votes and Rajeev got just 50 votes. A very strong, popular and decisive mandate putting faith in his leadership to not only lead EEMA as an apex body, to lead the Industry as well. He started his career from scratch in Delhi and worked his way to build one of the biggest company in the events and experiential business. He has earned the highest reputation and popularity within the event industry and in corporate circles. Advantage to the industry would be that he understands our industry completely unlike his predecessor Mr. Sanjoy Roy who was almost an unknown name in event industry.


While he will have to navigate himself within EEMA by keeping relationships on one side, he has a strong secretariat at this command to implement his policies and agenda. As far as performance is concerned within EEMA, he and his team will face the first benchmark of attaining what the outgoing NEC has delivered on various fronts like members’ inclusiveness, membership drive (almost doubled up membership in 2 years what was not done in the past 10 years), on education front, on engagement with the eco-system, engagement with government, revenue generation, legal compliances, building Brand EEMA further etc. with best of practices, processes & systems within the legal frame work on EEMA and societies Act.  


Performance will be evaluated by members between the star performers of current NEC and the incoming NEC. Mainly performance of Vijay Arora v/v Vipul Pandhi, Samit Garg v/v Sanjeev Pasricha, Aarti Matoo v/v Harshal Kothari & Reema Sanghavi, Martin v/v Arunkumar. Samit Garg as EVP will definitely make a benchmark as his predecessor Sanjeev had completely failed to deliver on any front. Roshan will easily outperform his predecessor Sanjoy by his sheer professionalism and complete understanding of event industry backed with a clear vision and ability to get his vision transformed to reality. Biggest challenge in the entire NEC will be between Siddharth Chaturvedi (GS) and outgoing GS Himanshu Shah who is also heading NEC as of now. Himanshu has been working relentlessly to transform EEMA’s functioning to that of an apex business body. He walked the talk on his long vision and setup a strong and effective secretariat for EEMA. Known to be a no nonsense person, he is ensuring that all and even the smallest decisions taken are well thought and with due processes and systems within the rules & regulations of empowerment and authority. He has not only been the guiding force for all star performers in NEC but was an instant solution provider to the team as well as the secretariat and enabled completion of tasks without claiming credits or coming to the forefront. He demonstrated resilience and substance and but never deviated or compromised in the interest of EEMA and its members. Not a single member’s issue remain unsolved beyond 24 hours. He led the membership drive and revenue generation from the forefront. His key contribution for brand building, community building and digital transformation along with Mr. Deepak Pawar has been another key achievement. His daring vision to make a substantial investment in building the secretariat and brand EEMA has transformed EEMA in a span of just 2 years. Challenge for Siddharth  (incoming GS), will be to outperform the outgoing GS and NEC’s achievements by keeping aside appeasement politics and rising to the duties of NEC.


In the past 2 years, trend of opposition culture by the group who lost elections has transformed EEMA from a united body to a divided body with opposition on one side and management on the other side. Though destiny of the members who stooped down to the lowest as an opposition have already changed after them winning the election. Suddenly talks of peace, harmony, family have started floating around and a party culture has started surfacing back in this business body. It goes without saying that now they will be on the receiving end and every move they make will be subject to opposition scrutiny. With already tainted members within NEC, at any point of time the storm will build-up and how Roshan navigates through such rough weather and waters, only time will tell.


Team Eventaa wishes the new management team of EEMA all the very best and as a media will support all its endeavours which are in the interest of the event industry.

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