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Has Event Industry media plucked the courage to unmask the REAL?

Media is expected to use journalism as a means to improve the quality of public life and promote democratic reforms. More specifically, the Media’s duties towards the event industry is to improve the quality of best business practices within the event industry and promote democratic reforms in various associations that exist and operate in the event industry space.

Appeasement in the media failed their journalism duties.

In the past decade only few media which you can count on your fingertips are operating in the event industry as a specialized medium. Their content and business model were completely faulty which made them dependent and vulnerable by few. Appeasing with the big brands has always been the easy way out for these media to build their brands.  Both by way of propagating discrete individuals and large companies. This change started getting media recognition faster but as a consequence the media got transformed into an appeasement journalism and suppressed the duties of TRUE JOURNALISM. To strengthen their financial, the media houses launched numerous cashcow ventures including Industry Recognition programs. This Media’s new revenue model was completely dependent on a small section of the entire event industry. Without conciliation with the industry players, the very existence and growth of these media was non-viable. This model devastated the persistence of the ethics and principles in journalism. Excluding the gratified appeasement, not a piece of elementary ethical journalism could be seen in the last decade.


Growth of Media at the cost of the event industry.

Event industry tasted appreciation in masses with the birth of event industry specific media. Big boys loved the taste of recognition after business success to an extent that was required. But the consequence was the misuse of this media platform by the unworthy lot to project larger than life image within the industry. Media were ever ready to gratify these cash-cows to make their buck. Adding to their lucrative revenue model, the media vested their interest in Industry Recognition Programs. These programs instead of becoming a true benchmark of giving acknowledgement to the best work, got turned into a commodity for many to build their company brands. “NEGOTIATING” awards in deals became the trend rather than winning awards for achievements. As a result, a significant number of people within the industry today are humiliating, condemning these awards rather than building credibility for the recognitions year-on-year. Opinions and the integrity of the industry growth were compromised. Instead of giving impartiality to work, it turned out to be a tool to shower unfairness to the industry.

In the mindfulness of improvement of the Event industry, Eventaa News will not be fearful in reporting the fact through analytical journalism.




Has the media ever reported on this……?

  1. Any event that failed to deliver clients objectives & expectations?
  2. Any event company that became bankrupt?
  3. Has it been reported on night by fly operators within the industry?
  4. Has it been reported to harassment, unethical conduct and casting couch factor for the women working in the event industry? Have they raised their voice for women dignity?
  5. Has it questioned the state or central government in favor of event industry?
  6. Has it ever questioned functioning and management of even one from so many associations within the industry?
  7. Has it ever put forward vendors & freelancers' plight?
  8. Has it given a platform to voice concerns of professionals working in this industry?
  9. Has it supported thousands of small and medium companies for their concerns and growth?
  10. Have they ever published one negative news as a TRUE JOURNALISM?


Today conditions have stooped down to such an extent that even the industry itself is only used to appease journalism. They are not able to digest if they are even questioned! They are not able to digest the power and spirit of journalism coming out in its true sense. But TRUTH must be told and known. Be it a company, individual or an association. Some may like it, some may not. Eventaa News is committed to the true spirit and duties of journalism which it has demonstrated as a part of the media house since past 25 years. It needs courage to stand up, to speak up. But that will really help the industry to have a cleaner environment to operate in. “Pollution” can be reduced if not totally eradicated.

At the same time, Eventaa is committed to promote the industry by giving a platform to the small & medium companies, talent and professionals operating in the Event Industry.

Himanshu Shah

Managing Editor – SSS

Sampurna Samachar Seva

(Since 1995)

Editor’s Note:
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