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Open Letter to Honorable Prime Minister


The Honourable Prime Minister,

Republic of India


Sir, Firstly, we are delighted to have you as the Nation's chosen leader and follow every direction of yours in the situation of the current crisis.

We all are well aware that you love EVENTS. Your passion for events has lifted the entire event industry to an enormous scale. Your contribution to raising the bar of the Event industry is unprecedented. Today, you have proved to be the Best Event Planner in the world. While you continue to motivate the citizens of India and make them participate in your nationwide events, we the industry, in this current covid19 uncertainty situation since March, are struggling to breathe and live. The entire industry has come to a standstill.


Our Event Industry of 5,00,000 + families….

The event industry is not just about the Event management companies; it comprises of small to prominent artists from Shilong to Jaisalmer, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Decorators, caterers, sound engineers, stage designers, fabricators, other technicians, electricians, housekeeping staff, hosts & hostesses, volunteers, freelancers, security guards, musicians, singers, dancers, entertainers, photographers, videographers, and a list of over 300+ different small professionals directly or indirectly work within the industry and support each other to a great extent to produce successful events.  Every town of this country has the industry in its smallest form with all stakeholders contributing their roles in every possible way.

This is the only industry that fulfils the Nation's dream of skill development and employment to all. Since this industry is more skill-based and does not require any formal education, every Indian youth can be a part of this industry based on his skills & not degrees.


One overlooked industry…. numerous complexities:

Our industry is creative and research which makes it more complex in nature, not only from the perspective of size and scale but from the complexity of variations in the types of endless elements with a variety of size, level & quality that constitutes this industry. Our industry plays a pivotal role in helping all the other sectors as a widespread activity that allows them in messaging and connecting people. Be it govt agencies, industries, religious bodies, political parties, media and entertainment industry stakeholders, all need us to support them to fulfil their objectives. But unfortunately, Event Industry is only considered as an add on service by most of them, and hence we don't have our single identity.

We will help you to help ourselves.

We are in the veins of this country with existence in every town, every city of this country. We have a strong ability to research, build accurate data and analysis in the quickest of the time that the country needs to for planning its growth.  It is time to know us better, recognize us and give us an independent status of an Event Industry.

Need your attention and support for the industry which does not operate only in India but goes to the whole world and deliver its services to contribute to achieving our vision of a five trillion-dollar economy. 

Sir, please spare some conscious time for the 5+ Lakh families who generated direct and indirect employment to almost 1,00,00,000 + people and their dependents with an estimated revenue generation of Rs 5+ lakh crores, annually.




Shah Himanshu

Chief Mentor

SOI Group – Ahmedabad

Eventaa.com – (Having approx. 1,00,000 registration from event industry)

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