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Will PM & CMs unlock livelihood of 100,00,000+ people from Event industry in Unlock 3.0?


Media as rightly said is the powerful voice of the voiceless that creates the knowledge of many things and effectively develop the prospective of people and bring the changes for the good.  We at Eventaa are the voice of the Events Industry and it’s our responsibility to keep no stone unturned till Event Industry is unlocked. We strive to not only produce pressure on government through media but also push our industry cause through various channels and sources. We anticipate to bring together every small and big stakeholder from the event industry in building a unified voice and jointly push, share, circulate our editorials to every RIGHT decision-makers across the board.


Mr Prime Minister and Mr. Chief Ministers, why Event Industry needs to be immediately unlocked?


Event managers are the most cautious and competent logistics management community. Envisaging possible crisis situation and preparedness is an integrated process in planning and have a strong expertise. Which industry has such inbuilt attributes? None. With this crucial attribute, we can follow even most robust of the SOP in organising Events of any nature. Be it Corporate, Social, Religious, Cultural or Political events. We are event managers. We can manage and adhere to all SOP. It’s high time that SOP is provided to our industry, and our industry is saved from a disaster of collapsing. 


Event Companies can implement SOP better than Hotels & Airline Industry!


With such detailed and intricate planning as an Our workforce in the industry also understands to deliver the client needs. We all are competent to provide as per the requirements of SOP. If Hotels can manage X number of clients in a given space and airlines Y number of pax in a given area, why can’t event companies? 


Few points to ponder:


  1. Compare the space in an aircraft with auditoriums and open spaces like party plots etc. where events can be organised. Why can’t we organise events?
  2. If the Hotel Industry can follow SOP’s and operate their hotels, why Event Industry cannot be given SOP’s to follow?
  3. If Movie theatres can be opened then why not event organising? 
  4. Malls can operate then why a function cannot be organised with the same SOP or more stringent SOP’s?
  5. Vegetable markets and APMC’s are open with thousands of visitors, then why Event Industry cannot host events with x number of PAX with SOPs?


Keeping Event Industry locked is indirectly locking Hotel, Tourism and other ancillary industries!


Keeping Event Industry locked impacts 1,00,00,000+ people engaged in the industry, which is facing ZERO billing since the past four months. Moreover, our industry is drastically affecting the business of Hotel, F&B, Tourism and their entire supply chain. Imagine the direct and indirect impact. We are the driving force behind a vast ecosystem. The effect on the event industry bring in a causation effect to the entire ecosystem eventually resulting to overall economic impact on the nation’s revenue and industry cessation that for any government would be unbearable to support at this point of time. Its better to unlock the possible opportunities to allow the industry to survive.


Affecting community LIVES enormously!


Event Industry is not only about its immense economic impact. It is more critical to bring smiles and cheers in the life of people by enabling celebrations. So many surveys talk about mental health. Our industry can give a healing touch. In all the gloom of coronavirus, we can bring cheers in the lives of people from personal experiences to the corporate world. Allow us to serve our country. 


Give us our Event Industry SOP. Break down the SOP’s from 1-250, 250-500 and 500 and above pax. Take all stringent precautions in SOP’s like you do in a 1000 bed hospital. But open up our industry. Help save the lively hood of 1cr + people and the ecosystem. 



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