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What We Do Today Is More Satisfying And Gratifying Than What We Did 10 Years Ago. : Inder Balani


It is ambition and innovation that turn opportunities into success stories and looks like Inder Balani knows this well. Today he is the Regional COO of a leading catering company named FoodLink Services India Pvt Ltd, which was started in 1998. Balani has an interesting professional journey who definitely has proven that no person or job is big or small. It is our thinking and approach that makes the difference. In conversation with Eventaa, here’s what he has to share about his catering profession.

  • How did you come in catering business?

It was a thoughtful move as there was a big gap in premium catering on offer in the region and this is one business (within the cooked food format) which allows you to be creative and get instant response to your delivery which is quite a kick.

  • Would you share with us your experience working in catering industry?

It's sure for the people who enjoy the adrenaline rush, I’ve had an excellent run for almost 5 years now and can only hope it to be even more rewarding from experiences point of view.

  • Tell us about your success story.

Often the success lies in simple things done right and that’s what we have been doing.

  • What was the turning point for your business?

I feel that we are yet to reach there.

  • What makes you unique from other caterers?

We don’t restrict as per the height of the ceiling and stay tall to our standards and by far offer the best solutions to our clients' needs in terms of matching their profile to the experience we deliver and within great value.

  • Which is the most difficult situation you have faced till now during any event? And how you

dealt with it?

In one of the event against an MG of 1000 almost 1700 people turned up (miscalculation) and we were caught up in it, being totally unaware. Within an hour we had to ensure that we serve these people and we ensured to pull resources from our central kitchen and all our vendors in the city to help us immediately to refill our buffets. Which was successful due to our long standing relationship with our partners / vendors and all could pour in immediate help to support the situation.  

  • Can you tell us about the hardest period of your career?

To be honest there have been a few difficult periods, not to pinpoint any one in particular. Ultimately it’s about experiencing highs and lows to learn from them.

  • In your opinion, how is catering business different from 10 years ago?

It's at a very interesting juncture, in fact I would say what we do today is more satisfying and gratifying than what we did 10 years ago. The food is more interactive, quite scientific in approach and a good eruption of the hidden gems from across the world is now going on the platter.

  • What are the ways you promote your business?

Quite simply, actually we let people experience our product as much as we can, we do engage in partnering with the right people / brands to get ourselves in front of the people as much as we can. 

  • As per you, what are the ingredients necessary to make a successful catering business?

Right mix of talent, staying on top of your quality to be delivered and constant up-gradation of your own skills is the key.

  • Any advice to upcoming caterers and eventaa.com readers?

Since this industry has yet not reached its structured level. I would urge the sellers and the buyers to be sensitive to the fact that we remain honest and fair to one another.

Have you ever tried your hands in catering industry? Let us know in the comment box below!

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