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A wedding planning can become a massive crisis management


What if the big fat wedding you have been planning for the last 3 months is just after 2 days, all the preparations including half of the decoration, dome with platform, arrangement for guests to stay and other things are done and then all of a sudden you come to know that due to some unavoidable reasons, you have to change the venue, remove entire setup and plan the whole wedding from scratch, what will you do? It will give you shock of your life, isn’t it?

But a wedding planner company from Ahmedabad, 7x Wedding Planner made this impossible task possible in Jodhpur. 7x Wedding Planner was hired to execute a big fat wedding from 4 July’18 to 6 July’18 at Umaid Bhavan, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, which belongs to a Royal family of Jodhpur. It was a well-planned project. Half of the production was done on 2nd July, including 25000 square feet of dome with the platform, water body, and other decorations. The arrangements for guests to stay at Umaid Bhavan was also done. But on the night of 2nd July, they were asked to vacate the venue because the Rajmata of Jodhpur passed away. Umaid Bhavan is the palace where she uses to reside, and the body was to be kept in Umaid Bhavan.  So they denied to continue the wedding ceremony at Umaid Bhavan. 7X  had no venue and no rooms now. This was a time when they had 2 choices, either cancel the wedding or shift it to some other venue. And they opted for 2nd option. It was an overnight hunt for rooms at other hotels and venues where events can take place.

And they did it. Within just 72 hours they shifted the entire setup from Umaid Bhavan to ITC Jodhpur and relocated the guests from Umaid Bhavan to Radisson and Taj. Wedding festivities happened flawlessly in the midst of challenges.

It was done against all odds. Mr. RajatSogani, Co-founder, 7X Wedding Planner has shared his experience of executing this wedding with the challenges. His experience will help many, who face challenges and are unable to find a solution. It will spell out inferences from this article, which can be applied in crisis situations in organizations or personal life.

Let’s look at how 7x Wedding Planner was able to make this next to impossible project possible.

  • Priority

At that time, the most important thing was to set the priority. Mr. Sogani divided the work into three parts and set the priorities that needs to be done first, then second and last.

Mr. Sogani said, “When we are in crisis we need to understand the priority. What things need to be executed first, what needs to be executed second and what to be executed third?”

  • Authority with responsibility

After setting the priority, the important part is to delegate work in a team, full authority with responsibility. Because at the time of crisis, one single person cannot reach every place to finish every job.

Mr. Sogani said, “My team needed to be given ‘authority with responsibility’. You cannot interfere in their work and they don’t need your approval. They need to be given authority. When we are in a crisis, everybody in my team has to be given full power to execute at their best. Then the output will come otherwise if I will be interfering in their work, it will not be done.”

  • Be patient

Whenever a crisis comes, you need to be patient. You need to plan work patiently. When you are facing a crisis, patience is the only thing to keep. One cannot panic and plan.

Mr. Sogani said, “Whenever crisis comes, you need to be patient and you have to plan in a reverse direction. What is first and what is next. Be patient, prioritize your work and execute the work in a priority model.”

“Never lose hope. If you want, you can and you will. If you stand for it, you will definitely get it.” Mr. Sogani added.

Devang Shah, Co-founder, 7X Wedding Planner said, “Patience is the only thing to keep. When you are facing the crisis, you have to be extremely patient. You need to evaluate things and work logically at that point of time. The moment you get scared and the moment you panic, things will get worse. You have to be patient, to take the right decisions at the right time.”

Mr. Sogani said, “It was our dream project. We had planned it for three months. It was planned to be the best wedding décor for 7x. But then a moment came and everything was shattered in a few minutes. I was at a no man’s land. I was stunned clueless as Rajmata of Jodhpur passed away and we were asked to vacate Umaid Bhavan. Without venue and rooms, I was not having any idea what to do, where to start from. I was totally frozen and thought that I am finished and all is gone. But life is all about fighting. We restarted the entire project, not only décor, but hotel booking, shifting all rooms, shifting all event venues, making all new design and in 72 hours executed a wedding which was next to impossible with same level and took the decor to next level with 30000 plus dome structures rebuild in 3 days at different venue with air-conditioning, platform and decor. It taught us that wedding planning is nothing but a crisis planning. And if you have the desire, you can do what you want.”

Mr. RajatSogani expressed his feelings and said, “This wedding has taught us that nothing is impossible in this world and when you are positive everything can be achieved.”

In just 3 days they executed a big fat wedding which includes re - booking of hotels, change of venues, designs including logistics, stationary and what not. But all went in the same manner, be it the performance of Sonu Nigam or other sequence of various artist. And the client told them that 7x did the impossible and unbelievable task. Umaid Bhawan would not have been better than this.

The entire wedding was conceptualized managed and planned by 7X wedding planner

Decor support: Singhvi tent house (Ramesh Singhvi)

The decoration was done at Umaid Bhavan:

The glimpse of decor done in 2.5 days with 30000 sq. feet dome, platform, air-conditioning and full décor:

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  • Vedika Gupta | Date: 11-07-2018

    excellence has no words.....work speaks it all!!great job....mesmerising

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