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Unique Initiative for EMCEES “The Presenters Dialogue” by EEMA


EEMA North is proud to announce its unique initiative with Emcees called “The Presenter Dialogue” on 27th August at JW Marriott at Aerocity, Delhi.

Entire ecosystems of EEMA member agencies & Presenters across all spectrums are meeting for the first time in India. Artists are travelling from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other parts of the country to be a part of this 1st ever initiative. The idea is to explore new horizons, reset expectations and break the cliché.

The platform will foster growth for the entire eco-system. It is a platform for knowledge sharing, understand client’s perspective and learn from the masters. It will help in understanding member’s expectations and a unique opportunity for networking with the industry’s leading emcees & event managers.

They say the miracle happens when people come together, so the big idea is to create an ecosystem where we all can leverage each other strengths.

EEMA North team comprising of Vipul Pandhi-VP North (Director, Workaholics Event Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Humayoon Zaidi (CEO, Event Network Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.) and Atul Chabra- Jt. Sec North (Director Enthuse Answers Communications Pvt Ltd) are driving this initiative with key support from Sanjeev Pasricha EVP – EEMA (Group CEO CS Direckt Events and Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.), KJS Gurna Treasurer EEMA (Director Bellset Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.) Sharad Mathur (Director EMG Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)

Sachin Talwar (Director Wow Events Pvt. Ltd.) is ensuring that this initiative reaches its desired audience through the digital medium.


"Presenters dialogue brings together anchors and hosts to discuss share and network with industry experts and better their communication and business development skills and offer their talent to the corporate, cultural and mice world."

   -   Sanjoy Roy

       President – EEMA




“I am deeply impressed by the thought of inclusiveness in EEMA now. It is the first step of including the other partners of our industry. And I am sure other verticals will follow soon. Wishing EEMA north the very best for this initiative.”   

  -   Sanjeev Pasricha

      Executive Vice President – EEMA




“One of the key areas EEMA wants to focus on is engaging the partners in our ecosystem. The Presenters Dialogue is the first step in this direction and will be followed by many such engagements with the artists, vendor partners, government and other important stakeholders of our industry.”

     -   Vipul Pandhi

         Vice President North – EEMA




“The Presenters Dialogue is the beginning of a series of EEMA initiatives to encompass all the stakeholders of the event industry.”

      -   Himanshu Shah

         General Secretary – EEMA

        Chief Mentor, SOI Live Marketing & Events



Watch Video:




“The strength of any emerging ecosystem is the exchange of ideas and people growing together. Laud EEMA’s effort to organize an initiative like this. Can’t wait to be a part of it.”

   - Sahil Bajaj




“A stepping stone put forward by EEMA- ‘The Presenters Dialogue’ is very First, Unique and Incredible Initiative to gather all Emcees and Event Managers under one roof. It is an opportunity for learning and /sharing from pioneers of the industry. An open platform for networking for all is surely “A MUST ATTEND!””

    -  Sneha Singh




“It is a great initiative by EEMA, I am excited to meet the independent artists who are self-trained in their space only through sheer love for their work, and I’m glad that this knowledge sharing platform will bring us closer as an industry.”

    -  Dinesh Soni




“As a sutradhar (emcee) we all play a very vital role at events where we put our best of thoughts and actions. First ever “The Presenters Dialogue” is surely going to enhance each one of us in its own way.”

   -  Divya Vaid




“I think it is one of its kind and great initiative taken by the event industry. Looking forward to a day well spent and learning new thing from our industry experts.”

   -  Sameera Khan




“A terrific initiative by EEMA to organize this one of a kind event. I am looking forward to hearing from stalwarts from our industry, connecting with our anchoring fraternity and understand the needs and concerns of our event agencies. Honestly, I am super excited to meet this big fat family. See you on 27th.”

  -   Lincia Rosario


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“Knowledge speaks, but the wisdom listens. It is overwhelming to listen and be on the other side of the stage for a change; I am already beyond impressed with the initiative taken by EEMA, bringing together veterans, stalwarts and masters of the trade under one roof. Looking forward to getting the maximum aid from this drive. I also urge newcomers and budding anchors to not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

    -  Kamal Homi Mistry




“We all are looking forward to this event. I would like to thank EEMA for organizing an event like this for the very first time. A great initiative taken by EEMA. Feels fantastic to be a part of Dialogue for presenters. Looking forwards to all.”

    -   Vani Sharma


Watch Video:



“Miracle happens when people come together, so the big idea is to create an ecosystem where we all can leverage each other strengths. So let’s meet, plan, understand how we all contribute to create better experience for our customers.”

     -  Atul Chabra

       Director, Enthuse Answers Communications Pvt. Ltd.



“So excited that EEMA has initiated a dialogue with the artist who is the face and voice of the event. Looking forward to an enriching experience.”

    -  Khyati Kava





“Presenters Dialogue is a great platform to exchange ideas and understand other perspective. It’s also about perception vs reality. A platform for great learning at one level and revisiting the briefs. I so look forward to being a part of this amazing experience as an event manager, as a student and as an analyst.”

   -  Humayoon Zaidi

    CEO, Event Network Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.




“Much awaited initiative. Learning from the masters. Discussion on expectations vs realities. Networking with the industry’s leading emcees and event managers. All in a day! What’s there to miss?”

    -  Shivaani Sen




“Sutradhars are literally the thread holders of any events. This initiatives of EEMA will give a platform for knowledge sharing to emcees/presenters for them to understand the client’s perspective and vice versa. Such a welcome initiative! I urge all the emcees across India to attend the work shop as there’s always room for learning and improvement. Hoping to meet you all.”

    -  Sonam C Chhabra





“I hail the initiative, am happy to be a small part of it and on behalf of EEMA, invite all hosts to join the EEMA Presenters Dialogue.”

   -  Gitikka Ganju Dhar






“What a wonderful initiative by EEMA, bringing together the leaders and masters of presentation under one roof! Meeting like-minded fraternity people in person, widening our influential circle, building new bonds and strengthening the old. Indeed there is a lot to witness at this much awaited elite gathering.”

    -  Kalpana Mishra





It’s not just what you speak; it’s how you speak which strikes a chord with the listeners. A super initiative by EEMA North and I would call upon all the Anchors to attend the unique events.”

     -  Lalitt Gattani

       CEO, Showcraft Productions Pvt. Ltd.



EMCEE leaves a lasting impression making event/experience a success. To improve the ecosystem, few key initiatives that can be a growth driver for agencies & emcees across the spectrum will be discussed during this meet.

Key sessions identified are

  • Emcee Case Studies
  • THE SUTRADHAR - Expectations from Emcee
  • Tana Bana - Expectation from Event Managers
  • Hi I Am Your Host - Emcee Showcase

Shivani Wazir Pasrich, Nitin Arora, Shefali Talwar, Joe Bhaath and Gitikka Ganju Dhar will represent the Emcee fraternity.

EEMA Thanks all the stakeholders, its members, emcees who have taken time out to be a part of this 1st ever The Presenters Dialogue.

This platform will be traveling to cities across India in the coming months.

Photo Source: EEMA Facebook 

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