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Niharika Suri
Astrologer,Special Acts
  • Member since May 02,2015
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About Niharika Suri

Hi I’m Niharika Suri. The start of my career was actually marked as a software consultant in Citibank,Dubai.Eventually I went on to design websites and worked with my husband on and off.I kept switching doing different things…In my quest to improve my life and to find peace and happiness I was introduced to the miraculous world of Reiki Healing.I went through a tough time in my life when things were not working out. I used to ponder if healing was real,how could anybody actually change their reality? But all my doubts were put to rest when it started to work for me and changed my life.Ever since then there was no looking back,all the whys and the hows were answered.The best part was it gave me a better understanding and perspective of people, situations and it helped me to bring me closer to myself, to realize my strengths and weaknesses to understand myself better…

  • Available forReligious Functions,Private Parties
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
  • Performance FeeAvailable on request

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