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About Madhavas

The only sure thing about life is that…it changes. And music is the most inseparable part of life as a whole. As such, the most inherent characteristic of music is that it is as dynamic as life itself. Experimenting with such ideology, we are regarded as one of the most vivid and energetic originators of nu-age music. Open to a wide range of pragmatism we stretch our compositions to the horizons of fusion with respect to music, rhythms, instrument usage, language and overall appeal keeping in mind the prevalent trend.
Making the most of the opportunity to share about ourselves, let’s take a walk in to our band’s life exploring it right from its adolescence, through its formative years to its current status and primarily about how we believe that God himself has chosen us to do our duties in a way so as to set an example for all mankind. While staying in the world full of ‘Maya’ we spread HIS message through the universal language and irresistible charisma of ‘Music’!

Music is the food of soul, somebody said, and we’re mere instruments trying to resonate in unison with it in an effort to achieve the perfect note that has the power to resurrect/liberate the soul and achieve eternal bliss. This is one language that can connect directly with the heart and the soul of the rich and poor, the weak and the strong, the master and the slave, alike, and knows no boundaries, whatsoever. As such we chose to walk on the road to salvation while performing our worldly duties.

  • Available forCorporate Events,Weddings,Campus Events,Charity Events,Private Parties
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
  • Performance FeeAvailable on request
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