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Post-Mahashivratri celebration by celebrating eccentrically traditional Angalamman Festival.


Angalaparameshwari is the name of mother at the temple Angalamman. Angalamman means guardian of God! It is believed that it was Goddess Parvati who created Bhrahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheshvaram and Sadashivam for creating, maintaining, destining, hiding and blessing. Goddess Parvati takes birth on mother earth for two purposes:

  • For relieving Lord Shiva of certain sins.
  • Blessing the Kaliyug generation.

The Goddess is considered as the source of illuminating brightest light and a woman who has been ruling the World since eternity. Celebrated in a town called Kaveripattinam, TamilNadu, India, Angalamman is observed after Mahashivratri for worshipping the Angalamman diety.

Myth related to the Angalamman diety:

It is said that Angalamman, the God, gives three stones to the veteran. The first stone makes hive in the proper condition! The second helps in catching of fishes that are then devoted to the mother. Whilst the third and the last stone is said that can be used to catch large fishes.

Because of this myth it became a ritual for fisherman to observe Pooja for Angalamman. This ritual is since then observed with a belief that gives them an assurance that their future generations will be saved.

How people celebrate Angalamann Festival:

Tens of billions of devotees flock to this temple for seeking the blessings of the Angalamman diety. While worshipping this diety during festival, devotees replicate themselves as the diety’s portrait! The portrait has lemons in their torso, knifes in the mouth and devotees also paint themselves in the color in which the portrait of diety Angalamman is painted. This landscape of colors is unusual and it is rejoicing to see the spirit by which devotees celebrate, worshipping the Holy Spirit. 

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