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Recent Ariel ad campaign on Gender equality.


Ariel the product name of laundry detergent by Procter & Gamble: an American multinational consumer goods corporation, has come up with an advertising campaign called #SharetheLoad. Connecting with the social issue have become a success mantra of almost every advertising campaign. You see Tapsee Pannu advertising video for Kurkure, a product of PepsiCo starting with a mother-in-law asking her daughter-in-law to leave the job, Akshay Kumar has just become a brand ambassador for social awareness and has a handsome number of videos featuring him. Moral of the story: highlight a social issue and get connected to the TG you wish to connect! Ariel’s two minutes thirty-two second advertising video points out imparting impartial knowledge for Gender Equality. Here are the 5 touching points from the video!

5 touching points in this advertisement:

  1. It is clichéd but existent! It is so obvious and evident, but true! A woman thinking of leaving her job because of work overload! This first point that has woman empowerment at its center is actually used as an initiator for the idea of #sharetheload campaign. The seconds in the ad that are utilized before this scene appears have been built up so exclusively that when this scene actually triggers, your mind has just got seconds for flashing back,” Oh! This is why the ad is shot in an untidy room with a game playing and snack eating careless looking son occupied a bed that has his clothes lying on the ground!” Just when you are done you get to hear a shocked mom asking her daughter,” Despite so many appreciations from your workplace, why are you planning to quit your job?”
  2. With such an impressive built up and a strong initiator, the second point, which is one more clichéd reason given by a husband for the clichéd dialogue of a wife,” why can’t you share my household load?,” “I don’t know how to do household work,” also looks convincingly appealing enough to make you think,” there might still be husbands giving his wife such an answer when asked to share some hand!”
  3. After an initiator and a supporter, the third point is not dialogued as the first two ones are. This one is a stare by the mom. A stare that she gives to her son’s untidy room after asking her daughter,” What does he mean to say by telling you,” he doesn’t know any household work?” is actually the tube light that should get lit up in everyone after seeing the video! The brilliance of Ariel’s ad making team is depicted here. Instead of shouting it out loud after this; Ariel’s ad team wants everyone to take his or her load upon him/herself, which is actually true!
  4. The next two points are quite obvious to imagine in the ad coming. After lighting up of the tube light, there is a responsible acceptance by a mom saying,” it’s our mistake! Whilst asking our daughters to be self-independent, we never asked our sons to share the load.” This is a bonus for all those women out there who are busy shouting,” Woman empowerment! Woman empowerment!” rather than #Genderequality.
  5. After all this criss-cross journey when your mind questions you,” Is the team of Ariel mad to not highlight their own product and just a social issue?” that’s when you see the mom handing over the basket in which she has collected every clothe of his son which was lying in the room to his son hinting him to bring that basket to the washing machine, which her son does. There you see Ariel’s Dabba over the washing machine from which, after putting his clothes into the washing machine, the son but the detergent powder as well.

Bang comes the question: “Are we teaching our sons what we’ve been teaching our daughters?

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