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EEMAGINE 2019 Uncovers The Secret Behind Event Business Expansion and Sustainability Tips


Being the first round table discussion of the first day, EEMAgine 2019 the session revolved around meetings concerning the prime resource, finance! Experts spoke about different topics in the financial sector such as investments, capital, business opportunities, goals, issues around building a successful product. Read on to see who said what?


  1. Money Money Money; It’s a rich man’s world!

This slot consisted of speakers sharing their views about investing, assets and other long term business savings. Some of them even gave insights on topics and tips for raising capital to excel in their business with lesser issues and hassles of closure.The speaker also gives examples of Silicon Valley on capital accumulation.


  • P Sudhir Rao(Managing Partner, WRVI Capital - India)
  • Rajeev Agrawal(Founding Managing Partner at Ambit Pragma)
  • Mohit Satyanand(Co-founder Teamwork Arts)

  1. Name of The Game: Expanding Business Opportunities

The speakers took the audience on a ride, exploring new business opportunities of different dynamics of the event industry. This also gave a backdrop about the scope and potential of the future event industry. They also gave examples of big names like BMW, tech companies and their issues. At the end the speakers answer questions from the crowd interactively.



  • Ujjwal K Chowdhury(Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean, School of Media, Communication and Fashion,Adamas University)
  • Jonathan Kennedy (Director Arts India, British Council)
  • Rahul Dutta (Head of Marketing for Printers at HP India )
  • Reema Sanghavi(Founder and MD Maxiums Mice and Media Solutions Pvt Ltd.)
  • Karan Chaudhri(Team Leader: Marketing Strategy, Budgeting, Events and Sponsorships, BMW India )

  1. Shifting Mindsets through a story

Through the art of storytelling, speakers helped evolve the audience’s thinking process towards realising exterior and interior goals of an enterprise or start-up, explaining the scale and span of your business.


  • Shivani Wazir Pasrich(EEMA Memeber)
  • Ashish Vidyarthi(Founder of Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates)


  1. 1, Building a successful IP

This event unveiled the all time best IPs of the event industry and also informed about the creation of business opportunities for event companies giving the crux of internal operations and key issuing in rendering a promising result.



  • Mandeep Singh(EEMA Memeber)
  • Deepak Choudhary (EEMA Memeber)
  • Adnan Adeeb (EEMA Memeber)
  • Tarsame Mittal(EEMA Memeber)
  • Darayash Gocal(EEMA Memeber)

  1. Mai Baap! Capitalising on Government Opportunities

Our speakers talked about the possible potential collaborations between the government and the event industry for economic development. And also about adhering to the decisions and guidelines set by the Prime Minister according to the economy demographics. Presenter's Monologues has the largest segment of live artists in India who share their thoughts, uncensored, backed by the Smooth Talkers. The veteran also talks about the impact of GST on the industry.


  • Rajan Bahadur(Chief Executive Officer of The Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC))
  • Sabbas Joseph(EEMA Memeber)
  • Ashok Pal Singh (Member, Postal Services Board of India)
  • Arun Kumar Panda(Minister Of MSME)
  • Lalitt Gattani (EEMA Memeber)

  1. The Avengers

This was the largest segment, where artists of the event industry shared their thoughts, views and experiences uncensored and live. The talk was backed by Smooth Talkers. The presentations though presented in monologues were quite resourceful to the audience. The speaker also talks about the struggles and understanding the artist within oneself. The veteran also talks about the impact


  • Brian Tellis(EEMA Memeber)
  • Nitin Arora (EEMA Memeber)
  • Gitikka Ganju Dhar (EEMA Memeber)
  • Vipul Pandhi (EEMA Memeber)
  • Rajeev Jain (EEMA Memeber)
  • Anjali Pasricha (Director at C S Direket)
  • Manika Garg (Vice President at E-Factor Entertainment Pvt Ltd.)

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