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Replicate Your Avatar and Host Event in Native Languages with Advanced Hologram Technology


AI and VR are so popular that every second person you come across on the street will nod his head if you ask him about it.  Their applications are wide, and it is fortunate that they have stepped into orienting speech and addressing keynote sessions. Microsoft further working in the same wing has established a hologram that helped to address the audience of any country and that too in their native language.

A life-size ‘hologram’ was created at Microsoft Inspire 2019 to deliver a virtual keynote, translated from English into perfect Japanese in real-time.  The technology is advanced and creates the hologram of orator exactly of the same stature and physical appearance, even the voice tone replicated is almost similar.  This entire thing happens in real-time, astonishing but true the next revolution is right here and right infront of us.  The whole procedure takes place step-by-step, first the Azure’s speech detects capability and English transcription get the speech of the orator, then uses Azure translate to get the speech into the local native language and finally, applied the neural text to speech technology so it sounded exactly like the orator.

For more information: http://www.inavateonthenet.net/news/article/microsoft-hologram-delivers-translated-keynote-to-perfect-japanese

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