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Dark Tourism: Indian Tourism Spots That Will Give You Some Spine-Chilling Experiences


Are you one of those people who gets intrigued by paranormal activities and stories of ghost hunters? Then you might be interested in dark tourism. Dark tourism is tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. Lately, India has seen a rise in dark tourism. So, here are India’s spookiest places to visit for a blood-curling adventure

1. Bhangarh – Rajasthan

Situated on the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bhangarh is acknowledged to be one of the most haunted places in India. This 500-year-old fort is one of the mystical places in India and has great importance in terms of Tourism. The Archeological Survey of India has denied access to the site between sunset and sunrise as many locals and even some celebrities have experienced paranormal activities at the fort. Along with all these stories, the construction and design of the fort make it scarier. According to popular legend, a holy man had believably cursed Bhangarh after the fort cast a shadow over his abode. As Bhangarh is believed to be haunted there is no hotel, resort or any accommodation near this fort.


2. Dumas Beach- Gujarat

Dumas Beach is recognized as one of the most haunted places in Gujarat. Located along the Arabian Sea, the beach is notable for two things, one for its black sand and other for being haunted. The locals believe that the beach was once used as a Hindu interment ground and hence is possessed by several eerie spirits that never left the area. Legends explained that the presence of black sand is because of the ash produced from the cremation that got mixed with the white sand of the beach and turned dark in shade. The surroundings are beautiful but hauntingly depressing, and you cannot escape the negativity that surrounds the place. Many people have reported seeing strange things and hearing sounds of laughter when here. But not everything is known about the most haunted place in Gujarat since many of these visitors have been missing since they tried staying on the beach.


3.Shaniwarwada Fort-Pune

The landmark site in Pune, The Shaniwarwada Fort is known for its traditional importance and connection with the celebrated Bajirao Peshwa. This classical fort that was once the dignity of the Maratha Empire, is a popular tourist destination. According to the locals in Pune, the Wada populated with the restless spirits of people who lost their lives in the fire that covered the fort long back. Clearly, for all these reasons, people are restricted from entering the fort premises after sunset. People living in the vicinity of the fort had heard wrenching cries of Narayan Rao, the young prince, on the full moon nights.


4.Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Roopkund lake also known as the “lake of skulls” , present at an altitude of around 5,000 meters above the sea level is one of the most scenic and enchanting clear water glacial lakes in the Himalayas. The lake has a maximum depth of about 2 meters and is frozen for most of the year. The lake was titled haunted when hundreds of human skulls scattered in and around the water of the lake were found by Mr. H K Madhwal. The skeletons are mostly visible when the snow in the lake melts. The extremely low temperatures and frozen climate at this high altitude have noticeably preserved hairs, nails, soft tissue, and leather accessories giving an impression of a recent tragedy. Some of the skeletons were so well preserved in the frozen lake that it still had flesh attached. Rings, leather slippers, wooden artifacts, iron spearheads, etc had also been discovered along with the human skeletons in the icy ground. More than 300 human skeletons have been found in and around the Skeleton lake. Scientists have reasoned that the skeletal remains belonged to people from the ninth century who must have been hurt by something and died, probably a glacial storm. 


5. Jatinga-Assam

Jatinga also called the 'Death Valley',  is a village in Assam, known worldwide for avian mass suicide. The incident happens at the end of monsoon when the night is dark and has fog. The birds simply fall from the sky unexpectedly after the sunset. There is a bird watchtower in Jatinga from which one can observe this unnatural event, however prior permissions from the district forestry office in Haflong is necessary. Many scientists and naturalists have tried to solve the puzzle but failed.


India is a beautiful country, and traveling its length and breadth is something that every tourist yearns to do. But in your journey, you may come across some strange and unusual incidents, which are paranormal by all means. So be careful, and watch where you go! 


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