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Meet Director, Writer, Lyricist, Singer and Music composer of the Award-winning film - Aditi Thakor


Aditi Thakor is a popular Director. She is the writer, Director, Lyricist, Singer and Music Composer of her latest Award Winner Film‘Bhanwar’. Aditi Thakor’s film, ‘Bhanwar’ got Critic’s award for Best Film at Transmedia Awards recently and Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival Award for Best Music.

Aditi Thakor has written and directed over 10 short films, episodes for Doordarshan, and promotional films besides over 10 documentaries. Aditi is a trained Kathak dancer and a trained Indian classical singer. She is owner and founder of Broken Box Filmz. Aditi teaches 360-degree view of Filmmaking from Idea to script, direction, production management, production design, shooting, editing concepts, music and sound.

A nine-day filmmaking workshop, ‘Learn the Ingredients of Cinema’, is being organized by Broken Box Filmz. It is for all Film Enthusiasts who want to explore the medium and check the career option as a possibility.

Aditi sharedher lifestyle and her experience in talk with us. So, let’s have a look -

How did you come to the Gujarati film industry?

I never came in as Gujarati Film Industry. I came in as a Film Industry. Because I don’t see myself as a Gujarati Filmmaker, but I see myself as a filmmaker. Language does not matter to me. It has to be a good concept and enjoyable film, whether it is Gujarati, Hindi or English. 

Tell us something about your day to day life

If I talk about nowadays, early morning I go to play Lawn tennis. After that, right now, my workshop is going on. So, my full day is the workshop. Plus, I am working on a documentary. I don’t have fix working hours. Whenever I have my brain working, I work.

How did you come up with the idea of conducting film workshops?

I have been conducting film workshop now for eight years. This is my 27th workshop actually. I have been into teaching for a very long time. Before doing the film, when I was into advertising, then also I was teaching. I used to teach at CN Fine Arts College as visiting faculty. I am into teaching field for over 12 years.

Do you face any difficulty in conducting workshops?

No. Nothing. Actually, I get support from family and friends. So, I didn’t face any difficulties.

Did you face any challenges in this industry as a female?

As a female, well no. Not as female. But you meet many people try to make Buddhu out of you. So, you have to be smart. And I feel, it is essential to know industry and people where you are working, before you attempt anything big, whether you are female or a male.

Your film ‘Bhanwar’ won many awards including Dadasaheb Phalke film festival Award for best music, which you gave, so how do you feel?

I feel amazing because music is my one of the most favourite part for me in the whole filmmaking process. So, if you get recognition for something that you enjoy the most, what more you want!

Listen music of ‘Bhanwar’ here











How and where do you find lights, sound, set designers, technicians and others for your film?

In my film - Lights, cameras and everything usually comes from Mumbai. Now you can find things in Ahmedabad locally. But for 50 days shoot of my film, it came from Mumbai.

Tell us about your success story and achievements.

I always believe that no work should be done just for the sake of doing it. If I attempt any task, I try to give my 100 percent. And this is my nature since childhood. I always believe in putting my 100 percent in everything I do. This nature of mine helped me find success everywhere. Like in college, I got an award for the best student in my convention in the area of the film. Even when I was studying fine arts at Kanoria Centre for Arts, I was a topper. Also, I got good grades in my 10th and 12th class. I would not say that I am extremely intelligent or extraordinarily creative or exceptionally talented, but it is the hard work that brings the best out of me.

Who is your inspiration?

My father Dr Premal Thakor is a very hardworking person. Only being intelligent or talented or educated is not enough. You need to be very diligent. That’s what I have learned from my father and actually the whole family.

Your advice to the youth, who wants to join Gujarati film industry.

I would advise them that always learn the medium. Education is crucial in this industry too. You can learn things two ways, either from education or from experience. And you never know that in this industry, you get how much experience and when. But when you take formal training, your concepts related to the film becomes clear. And that also helps you find an assistant job easily. Suppose if you get the chance to be an assistant director, though it will be challenging for you if you have not gotten any proper education or course. It takes time. But if you are educated, your first start becomes faster.

 About Aditi, People from film industry says that she never compromises on quality. Aditi, herself is a school of filmmaking.

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