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Importance of #Hashtags and how it can be useful


We might have seem the ubiquitous # sign in front of social media posts, but do you really know what that symbol does—or could do for you? There people who are still not much aware about this sign, but fret not, here’s a quick primer about the hashtag. 

A hashtag is a label used on social media sites to identify messages or information with a theme or contains specific content. This symbol (#) is used in front of a word or words without spaces.

With the help of hashtags on social media sites, it gets easier to find out information with a theme or specific content.  Not only that, it encourage social media users to explore content that catches their eye. Associations use hashtags to reach their target audience and to help members filter information. 


Now the question also comes in mind that are they really helpful? Of course they do! Having so much of information on the social media, these days users can quickly get bored and confused. With the help of hashtags, it gets easy to cut through digital clutter focus only on the information we really want. They are mainly used on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.

Few techniques to promote your event through hashtag

·         Come up with a hashtag that’s short, unique, and easy-to-understand.

·         If you post anything relevant to your upcoming event, include your hashtag.

·         Add it to all of your social account bios as well also promote it on your on all your other communication channels.

·         These include your event website, promotional emails, print materials, and more.

·         During the event, make sure your hashtag is visible at your event so your guests know to use it.

·         Creating a photo competition where the best photo using your hashtag wins a prize.

Here are four major reasons why to use Hashtags:

·         Reach more people  - Hashtags not only help users to find posts about specific content, they help you reach more people who are interested in what your content.

·         Simplify the process - Using a hashtag helps you reach your target audience, and likewise makes it easier for others to find your information.

·         Hashtags compel an action – When a user sees a post that is of interest, they will likely spend time looking through content brought up by the hashtag.

·         Hashtags evolve– Hashtags are being used by more and more platforms, impacting the amount of information put directly in front of social media users.

·         Hashtags reward the distinctive – Hashtags make finding information easier for social media users. A unique hashtag makes your message stand out to the users who find the hashtag valuable.

Do you think hashtags are important for the business promotion? Let us know in the comment box below.

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