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EXCLUSIVE! Back Bencher Actress Ami Trivedi opens up about her debut movie, love for Dhollywood and more!


Ami Trivedi who is all set to take Dhollywood by storm as she arrives with her debut movie Back Bencher. In an exclusive conversation with eventaa.com, Ami shares her experiences about working with the team of Back Bencher, her love for Dhollywood, her progress in the field like that of a horse with the blinders on and many more.

  1. Since the beginning, you were keen on studying medicine and wanted to be a doctor, but that didn't happen. Anything to say on that? And then, what made you choose acting as a career?

I picked up science as my mainstream in college, in the meantime, I was offered my first play named ''Mahapurush'' by Niraj Vora. I did acting before that for my home production, but it turned out more for the heck of it than for any concrete learnings. In my first play itself in Mumbai I was fortunate enough to have had a chance to work with Manoj Joshi, Neeraj Vora, Darshan Jariwala, which also received a very good response, and after which I kept receiving a lot of interesting offers from the theatre and opportunities to work with the most prominent people of the industry such as KantiMadiya, Neeraj Vora, Siddharth Randeria, Vipul Mehta, Sanjay Goradia, working with all these stalwarts I got an opportunity to learn from them and grow holistically. This reason has brought me here in the field.

  1. Your father, Tushar Trivedi, was a theatre personality and younger brother, Karan Trivedi, is also in the same field as that of your father and a voice-over artist. Did they transmit any advice to you before you set off your journey in Gujarati film industry?

Just like any father, my father was protective of me and initially did not want me to join the industry. Even my mother has been involved in the industry to a certain extent. Through my mother's support, I managed to convince him, albeit with the condition that I would focus sincerely on my acting career alone and not to get into socialising gig in the film fraternity. My brother, Karan Trivedi, is a rare talent in his choice of career and has always been moderate in appreciating my works, no high praises and no worst criticisms for me from him. Karan has been my immense support at all times.

  1. What was your reaction when you were first approached for Back Bencher?

Well, the reaction was simple. Kirtan bhai Patel, the director of the film, approached me with this subject of the film, he told me that the writer was Prayag Dave and the co-actors were going to be Dharmendra Gohil, and he sent me the picture of Krish Chauhan. And after that, he narrated me the whole script. You would be blown away seeing Kirtan bhai's conviction in what he does. Plus, when I read the script, I knew that it was going to be a lot of fun performing in this film and that it was going to be a much-awaited treat for the audience.

  1. Any fun incidents on the sets of Back Bencher that you would like to share with eventaa.com's readers?

Back Bencher takes you back to your fond childhood memories. We fell into nostalgia amidst other ROFL moments. One such scene in the film was where the character of the tuition teacher is shown drooling, so the actor had to perform it in front of the camera. There was nothing awkward about it, we were much busy laughing and the actor performed his part effortlessly. Just the laughter has spread now, the audience has joined us in it.

  1. Tell us about your experience working with Krish Chauhan, Dharmendra Gohil, Om Bhatt and also with the film's director Mr. Kirtan Patel.

My experience working with Krish Chauhan has been extremely loveable. He is just a fantastic actor and definitely a child prodigy because I really haven't seen such a brilliant performance of any child actor in this age. Our on and off screen chemistry was just the same.

I know Dharmendra Gohil for 20-22 years now, since I joined the film industry. We both were called contemporaries, the same time we joined theatre in that era, but we never got a chance to meet or even to greet until Back Bencher. I am so glad that because of this film, I got to work with such a brilliant actor. Working with him, one finds oneself at marvellous ease at ones acting tasks.

About Om Bhatt, he is a wonderful guy with a great sense of humour, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to work with him as an actor because we didn't have a single scene together in the film. We met more during the promotions, and now I think we're very good friends. I really loved his performance in the film.

For Kirtan bhai Patel, he is a passionate believer of the works he undertakes. This becomes very easy on the actor's part when your director knows what he wants. And apart from that, he's very good at marketing, he is the reason why our film is still in the theatres. And he's also been receiving a lot of accolades, and we're also getting a lot of praises for the film, all thanks to him.

  1. Who were your first friends in the industry? How did you fare in making friends within the industry?

I'm a very quiet and extremely shy as a person. So apart from talking on stage, whatever I'm performing on stage or speaking in front of the camera, I don't think I'm a kind of person who talks to people, sometimes I'm also labelled as a reserved person but it's not like that, I'm very shy. I know that I shouldn't be like this being an actor. If I say frankly, then I have never made friends of industry. Everybody knew me rather more as Tushar Trivedi's daughter since my father has long been a part of the industry. So in that context people were more like my parents who would dote on me like their own child. However, now I have few friends in the industry, but they are mostly in the television industry. I have very limited and selected friends in the theatre, but these are the people I have for a lifetime.

  1. You have been engaged both in Hindi and Gujarati film industries. How would you like to sum up your journey?

The experience of Gujarati film industry, I would say that there's a long way to go, I have just started. The Hindi television has been extremely kind to me. And also, thanks to the audience who has accepted me in all my performances that I have done so far. Hindi television has always been in terms of working condition, it has always paid off eventually. So I would say I'm a Hindi daily soap actor and loved being that. I would love to do this till the end of my life. And in Gujarati movies, I have had a wonderful experience in my first movie itself. So I'm definitely excited for more offers coming in, and I really want to pick up something as meaningful as my film Back Benchers.

  1. Do you admire anyone in Bollywood? If yes, tell us who that person is and the reason for your admiration.

I admire a lot of people in different stages in Bollywood, it depends on the work they are doing, for instance right now I'm a fan of Ranbir Kapoor after he has done Sanju, I have really enjoyed Paresh Rawal's work in Sanju. If I see an Aamir Khan movie, then I'll become a fan of Aamir Khan. In a way, it keeps changing so I wouldn't say there is any one factor or any one person that I really admire and I look up to for the rest of my life.

  1. What would be your advice to the newcomers who step into the gigantic world of films?

I think I would give the same advice that my dad gave it to me to every person in any field of life, that the most important thing is, if you want to be part of this industry, then passion should be the only thing that should drive you, there's nothing else.

  1. Any actor who is on your wishlist to work with?

I think half of the industry would be there with whom I would love to work with, whether it's a newcomer or it's an established senior actor. I have also been lucky enough to work with people I always wanted to work with when I started working in the industry, like Siddharth Randeria, Manoj Joshi, Darshan Jariwala. I feel very fortunate, and I would be glad to work with these actors again even in the future.

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