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About Nirmala Sewani

Om, the basic sound of the universe is the very essence of the being or existence of of every other word that mankind can contemplate. It is a sound that resonates not just in this world but also in the minds and body of each permeating right to its core, its soul. It is this omnipresent and universal sound that forms the basis of the future of every living being. Nirmala Sewani, through her years of dedicated study, meditation and practice has nurtured this immaculate art to unfold the untold and unknown.
The key to the voice vibrations lie in the fact that every voice is unique just like thumbed impressions and 'the voice is your index, the mirror of your karma and a reflection of your dharma' and hence carries the DNA of your personality and ultimately your destiny.
A master in palmistry, occult, numerology, vastu and posture reading, Nirmala realized that she was capable of converting 27 nakshatras into sound vibrations and predict impeccably and embarked on this venture professionally in 1989 after an amateur start at the age of thirteen. Know more about her methodology

  • Available forReligious Functions,Private Parties
  • Performance languagesHindi,English
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