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Respecting a woman transforms a man into “the best man”: Gillette


Gillette, a brand name of razors owned by Proctor and Gamble released an advertisement video a month ago.

Choosing emotional marketing as a way of promoting their brand, Gillette’s advertising video keeps Women Empowerment at the center. The advertising team has connected this social issue by the brand’s tag line,” the best a man can get”, by showing, what is it that,” the best a man can be”. There are two points worth noticing in this advertisement video:

  • The number of men with beard is lesser than the number of man without! Whether that is intentionally kept or unintentionally is what makes me curious!
  • It is at the 9th second, where you see the brand’s logo. If that weren’t used, one cannot say that it is Gillette that has made this video for its promotion, it would look like a person concerned about Woman empowerment has made this video.

The latter amongst the above two is completely eccentric from their previous ad campaigns, wherein you see them highlighting their product or logo very obviously by targeting obvious audiences. This advertisement is one more example of how advertising giants all across the world are using social issues to connect with people.

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