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India is blessed with a variety of vivacious culture, interesting traditions and historical structures. There are many tourist places in India which are rough and unfertile, and there are places which are blessed with greenery. And each of these are beautiful in its own kind. And so The Ministry of Tourism has identified 17 sites in 12 clusters in the country for development as Iconic Tourism Sites.

These 17 sites are:

  1. Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri (Uttar Pradesh) : Tajmahal is identified for the development as ionic tourism site as it is the most grand mausoleum and there is no declaration of love more apparent than building a marble masterpiece for one’s wife. And so there is no better reason to travel than seeing this marvelousness up close.
  • Fatehpur Sikri: The place briefly served as the capital of the Mughal Empire during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Here, a rich period of Mughal history comes alive through the ornate mix of marbles and sandstones. There is so much more to see inside this ancient city


  1. Ajanta & Ellora (Maharashtra) : The Caves have always been known as the gems that signifies Indian history . The 64 rock-cut caves have a remarkable artistry that existed in the foregone era. It is a pilgrimage spot, exploration site and an important tourism destination


  1. Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort & Qutub Minar (Delhi): Humayun’s tomb is the first of its kind magnificent mausoleum built in India. It is also the first garden tomb in India and it looks more like a luxurious place. Also known as Maqbara-e-Humayun, this 16th century monument is among the best preserved heritage monument in Delhi.


  • Red Fort: Delhi’s popular monument, Red Fort is the epitome of the rise and fall of mighty empires. Once graced by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan,it was a great display of power and prestige of Mughal sultanate. Red fort is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and has become pride of India


  • Qutub Minar: built by Qutab-ud-din Aibak, Qutub Minar is the declaration of the first Muslim kingdom in India. It is one of the tallest ancient towers all over the world with a height of almost 240ft. It is one of the best examples of Indo-Muslim architecture.



  1. Colva(Goa): One of the oldest beaches of South Goa, Colva beach offers a mix of stunning coastline, food shacks, amazing nightlife, water sports, flea markets, and sun kissed shore. Now that’s a sight you don’t want to miss.



  1. Amer Fort (Rajasthan): It is a fusion of Rajasthan’s heritage, art and architecture. Even though it is commonly called fort, in reality, it is a palace since it was a residential unit of royal family. Amer fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a part of hill forts of Rajasthan.


  1. Somnath & Dholavira (Gujarat): Gujarat has the most vivid mix of natural and man-made tourist destinations in the country. The intricate opulence of Somnath temple is a true architectural marvel .Dholavira on the other hand has the most popular sites of the earlier Indus valley civilization. The place has extraordinary touch of history and wildlife.



  1. Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh): It is one of the most famous Indian architecture. Once recognized as a great Chandela capital, Khajuraho is now a quiet village with exotic temples. The temple has intricate carvings, testifying to the craftsman’s artistry.


  1. Hampi: It is a land of surreal landscapes, intermixed with bright paddy fields, amazing ruins of temples and magical stories of myths and legends and gods and goddesses. Combination of all these things make Hampi a perfect tourist destination


  1. Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu): It is a perfect combination of art, architecture, culture, history, mythology and beach luxury and water sports. Mahabalipuram is added in the list of development for iconic tourism spot for people to explore reminisces of historical era in this town.


  1. Kaziranga (Assam): Often called as the “Serengeti of east”, Kaziranga is recognized as India’s greatest wildlife conservation success. It is labeled as a veritable biodiversity hotspot



  1. Kumarakom (Kerala): It is a lake town which is surrounded by water bodies all over and is famous for backwater tourism. The backwaters are perhaps Kerala’s best known tourist attraction



  1. Mahabodhi Temple (Bihar): This heritage site is a restored ancient temple of Bodh Gaya which provides calm and solace. It is one of the top tourist destination in Bihar attracting people from all around the world

The Ministry shall be developing the above sites in collaboration with the Central Ministries, State Governments and Local Bodies, in a holistic manner, with focus on issues concerning connectivity to the destination, better facilities/experience for the tourists at the site, skill development, and involvement of local community, promotion & branding and by bringing private investment.


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