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Space Got Its First Holiday Destination: Designs For The First Space Hotel Revealed


Get ready to add staying in space to your bucket list as the design of the world’s first space hotel is here and it looks super amazing


The commercial space hotel designed by 'The Gateway Foundation' looks like the orbiting space station. The creation is called the Von Braun Space Station and has plans for it to build upon technology that is already used in the International Space Station (ISS). It can accommodate 400 guests and instead of being used for scientific purposes, it would be more like an orbiting cruise ship with luxury accommodation and cocktail bars. 



 One of the best features of the space hotel will be artificial gravity, so guests can walk around as normal. This would make staying there long term more attainable and short stays much more content. The hotel has been designed in a 190-meter-diameter wheel shape. The plan is to make this wheel rotate so that it creates a gravitational force the same as that is felt on the moon. 

As far as accommodation is concerned, It will house 24 individual sleeping pods in the hotel. These rooms will be designed in a sophisticated manner with soft furnishings and warm homely colors. and guests could also get some stunning views of the Earth from their rooms.

 Once the space station is up and functioning, the designers are planning to create another, bigger space hotel for 1,400 people by the year 2025.


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