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Singer Vivian Chan Molested On Her Tour


Hong Kong singer Vivian Chan has posted on Instagram her account of being sexually harassed in Egypt, one of the stops in her current solo world tour.


Entering the industry after participating in TVB’s The Voice 2, 30-year-old Hong Kong singer Vivian Chan recently journeyed on a 100-day backpacking adventure in India, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries. As a solo female traveler, Vivian became an easy target for sexual harassment. While in India, Vivian said that older men had bumped her chest on the street several times. The most horrifying incident happened in Egypt when Vivian was forcibly undressed and touched by a local teacher

Since she was 12 years old, Vivian had dreamed about visiting Egypt. After being sexually harassed on her third day there, Vivian quickly bought a plane ticket and left. “I felt very weak and couldn’t face what had happened, so I left.”

She wrote on social media, “I was pretty happy on the first day. I met a local teacher who was very friendly and told me a lot about Egypt. The next day, he asked me to go out to see the Giza Necropolis, in which I thought it was a friendly gesture. After seeing the attraction, he said he is a frequent volunteer and wanted me to visit an old lady who lived by herself. I didn’t think he was a bad person, so I said yes. When we got to the old lady’s house, everything was fine. She was very happy about our visit and we talked and drank tea.

“I had hurt my leg in India, and the teacher said he could help me. I refused, but he was very insistent. The old lady was present and helped prepare some hot water, so I agreed thinking it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Afterward, the old lady went to her bedroom to sleep, which left the two of us alone. He said he frequently saw me massaging my shoulders and said he could help. He asked me to turn around and suddenly he pulled my shirt up, which caught me by surprise. He told me not to be scared because he was only helping me. He then unbuckled my bra, pulling my body against his private area three times. I was really scared and just froze while he touched my back for ten minutes. The intensity of the fear made me unable to utter any sound. I was terrified he was a psychopath or would maybe take my kidneys.

 “Luckily, I left calmly afterward. I returned to my hostel by taxi. The entire time, I felt soulless and angry about why I couldn’t say no. I’m someone who always thinks the world is full of good people. A weak idiot who doesn’t know how to protect herself.

The incident alarmed many of Vivian’s fans, but she said she only wanted to expose the truth on Instagram as documentation of her life, and she didn’t mean to alarm others. Through her social media, she thanked everyone for their concern and promises to protect herself better in the future.


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