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Striding Into The New Year, Here Is What The Event Fraternity Says!


It is true, that time flies when you have fun, surely 2019 was memorable and we wish your 2020 to be even more rocking. To keep this spirit vibrant, here is what some of the event fraternity members had to say in our amusing conversations.

Harshit Anurag, Anchor

1) What is your area of focus in events for 2020?

               Ans. Well there is a lot coming up in 2020. But I will be specially paying heed to weddings, different sports events and also corporate events among others.

2) Which event do you dream of anchoring?

Ans. In this time where everyone aspires to anchor or host different entertainment events and platforms, I aspire to be a part of any of these sports events - the prestigious Indian Premier League or Pro Kabaddi.

3) What were the top 5 outfits you wore in 2019?

Ans.Here are my favourite five outfits of 2019.

Private wedding

School event

An event in Goa

Outfit in Love Dosti Breakup on youtube

Poetry event ’Tarana’ 2019

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Nitin Saklani, Artist

1) Where will we see you present your work in 2020?

Ans. Well I m deeply bent towards artwork so you will get an opportunity to catch my work at different art exhibitions, and also I m working towards holding art exhibitions and different art related workshops myself in the coming year.

2) Which is the event you dream of working on?

Ans. Every artist has a desire of being a part of something great or already famous, but I want to be the one holding as well as showcasing my work at national and international events initiated by me.

3) What were your top artworks of 2019?

Ans. Here are the fabulous 5 amongst all my creations of 2019.



For more information and to communicate visit- https://eventaa.com/supernitin

Jatin Oberoi, Event Manager

1) Are you planning to launch any new ventures or initiatives in 2020?

Ans. Last year, Event Industry witnessed a lot of advancement in the field of Technology, from 360® to Projection Mapping. The new year will be here before we know it and as new technology, tools, and trends continue to saturate the market, you might be wondering what the future of event industry holds. As far as Reet Entertainment is concerned, We Always want to bring something new to the table. We Innovate, We Market, and We Deliver what’s Promised. We’re embracing all the new technology that is being introduced in this field.

2) Which was the most successful event of 2019?

Ans. The most memorable and one of a kind event of 2019 was Shah's wedding at ITC Grand, Goa. The main motto was to make it look like the royal of all with a classic touch combined with the Goan vibe. All the functions of the wedding were decorated with refreshing colors yet giving it a lavish feel. It consisted of vibrant designs and decor including 3D mapping in decor and cake, Mobile Djing not to forget artist, Janki Parekh and a lot of fun element in each ritual. All in all it was a classy, sophisticated event attended by people from across the world.

3) Which is that dream wedding you want to manage?

Ans. There are a lot of Upcoming Weddings. From Alia-Ranbir to Ambani Wedding, these big names don’t hype us a lot. What hypes us is the Destination. The destination that we want to plan/manage a wedding is in Castello Di Vicarello, Cinigiano, Italy.  Tucked away on a hilltop two hours outside Florence, this 900-year-old country castle, brimming with Tuscan charm, is perfect for couples looking for a romantic fairytale setting with a rustic twist. Exchange vows surrounded by olive groves and gardens; then celebrate with poolside cocktails and dinner on the lawn.

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Shalet Dsilva, Anchor

1) As a professional how do you see yourself anchoring in 2020?

Ans. 2020 is going to take me steps further and I see myself hosting and anchoring more and more of weddings and corporate events. It is going to be a year of success for me I feel.

2) Which were your top 5 events in 2019?

Ans. Anchoring is delightful at warm private occasions The memorable 5 events were 2 communions, a birthday, a wedding and a baptism ceremony. The glimpses are shared underneath.

3) One event you dream of anchoring?

Ans. Actually there is no specific event that I am looking forward to anchor. But, I have always dreamt of emceeing at corporate events.

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Dev Gupta, Event Manager

1) What do you see your company achieve by the end of 2020?

               Ans. In 2020 we are expecting big opportunities to come in as it all depends on the work you get even if you have so much of capabilities so we gonna work on getting bigger events and as a event management company we always believe to get new ideas roll between Indian audience in the row we are coming up with our signature event The great Indian kite festival in 2020 with lots on Entertainment ,food and shop.

2) An event you dream of managing?

Ans. An event I dream of managing would be so many as this industry is too big in the whole world and lots of new things happing every where but the biggest would be tommorow land.

3) Which was your most successful event of 2019?

Ans. The most successful event of 2019 is "The royal conclave"Automobile and lifestyle

We worked day and night for this event and it turnedup so well and now we are planning this for 5 cities in India.

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