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11 unusual wedding procession vehicles you have never seen

17-Sep-2018   Author : Eventaa.com   Category : Weddings

There is no limit to creative supply at weddings; to steal the spotlight in their life-defining moments the wedding couples love to craft their feeling in visual context and forms. Slicing through massive attendees, wedding couples make guests to take note of their elite presence as bright as a polar star. For which they choose odd wedding procession vehicles, as their ultimate flagship to surge towards the new companionship. These vehicles act as a flashing beacon announcing their grand arrival and ignite the spark to the entire event.

Asserting the current wedding trend, even celebrities upgraded on their wedding celebration at various occasions, to impress guests and make wedding memories immortal. Indian celebrity like Gul Panag and Yuvraj Singh had picked one of these odd vehicles for their wedding procession as well.  Let’s hover on few of these collections.

1) Vintage Car

Classic vintage car cool appearance in wedding procession embellishes the true spirit of celebration mood with its shining smooth curves and notches. Rolls Royce vintage cars nestled by Indian maharajas gives eye-candy visuals and sports supremacy in wedding procession to which ever road it marches and with it brings the unwavering attention.


2) Tri-cycle and bicycles

Paddling forward your ancestral hierarchy is enchanting. Hooked to bi-cycle and tri-cycle studded with colorful frills, and hanging decors couples look attractive enough to drive guests’ attention, infact it entertains couple more than guests. With each paddle, the arc of wheel rounding in wedding hall translates the couple’s emotional bonding over the spoke of life’s cycle.


3) Jetski and Speed Boats

Jetski and Tuxedo sound uneven match but perfect to drown in Tsunami of style and adventure for any beachside wedding procession. The ducking and jumping over the strong wavesmight arouse a great sense of pleasure among bride or groom to find the only gem of their life. However, carrying a GPS is mandatory or else your marry venture could end into a scary adventure.


4) Motorbike with sidecar

Pierce the frozen silence in a wedding with loud firing pillion ride. The ride usually lineups with some tangy and naughty expressions by groom and bride posing them as larger than life character with racing noise in the background. Couples who distance themselves from ordinary wedding procession have a lot to ponder around these side-car motorbikes.



5) Elephant Ride

Destination wedding hotspot envelops some asian countries, and in these parts of region elephants are an integral part of events and weddings. Riding on an asiatic elephant while enjoying the back and forth movement becomes more exciting when you capture the panoramic view of the procession and the madness around it.


6) JCB digger


A big fat wedding should big in all its aspect that’s what these brides and grooms believe.  They choose a gigantic digger and JCB’s over traditional wedding vehicle for the procession, as they are telling us sarcastically, ready for the judgment day. Not just couple but even these vehicles feel honored and fortunate to carry wedding couple to luxurious venue usually used to dig, dump and dunk things that are less suave. 

7) Rickshaw


The 3 wheeled small passenger vehicle “Rickshaw” is famous in most of the Asian countries, especially in India.  Kids are going to school or people taking small city ride, rickshaw hauls in every trench of Indian streets.  Having deep attachment to this wonderful invention, Indian weddings peg their extravagant celebration with differently looking Rickshaw usually known to pack more people than seats.

8) Double-decker bus

Wedding procession is unique, and the intensity of the celebration doubles as it gets closer to the ceremonial venue with their unique vehicles. People learn, slant and shout through open-head bus cheering and doing freaky things is undoubtedly mad to watch but helps to overcome the boring, sluggish wedding movement. Moreover, it accommodates more people, and less toiling of the excess car usually seen with series of danglers “XX weds XY”.


9) Customised Wedding Carriage

Some bride and grooms like to go over-announced, and they customize their wedding procession vehicle to their long-lived imaginations. The design could be as flamboyant as a chariot from Indian mythological story or as silly as vintage jute basket. Their red carpet styles differ in structures but the passion for driving wedding guests crazy stays the same. Marketers may sometimes feel jealous as this stunt sometimes stood way better than there marketing tricks during road shows.



10 ) ATV

All Terrain Vehicle famously known as ATV is a power-pack and style-defining vehicle. Lobbying a wedding celebration in Bollywood style, the ATV’ could fit into the frame nicely. The bold and macho impression of ATV lifts the true essence of their movie inspired wedding stunt. The agility of vehicle keeps thing short and brings elegance with a tint of madness



10 )Mini-scooter / Segway

Some couples entire wedding procession is no less than a fairytale fantasy. Their imaginations could be wild as riding on a white furry unicorn in the midst of the dense cloud, which they make happen with a slight bend of humour. These couples have adopted the modern day approach with unicorn replaced with Segways and mini-scooter. However be careful, the earth gravity may fight for taking unduly advantage and fling you sideways.


This corner presents the whacky ideas to tie wedding knots in the bizarre vehicle while blending humour behind the curtains. If you recall any such special memories with wedding procession that smear a witty smile during your idle time do not wait, pen down here. Not to go too far a little push to your recent wedding memories and will surely pop out something to chuckle.


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