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5 sense event experience for success of any event

Attendees experience is the scale that is used for measuring an event’s success. The more pleasing an experience is for its attendees, the more successful that event is! To please an event attendee is to make an event pleasing for all the five senses. Rather than stereotyping your event by utiRead more


How to earn a living by being a local musician without any part-time jobs!

  Arijit Singh; before becoming The Arijit Singh, was a normal Arijit Singh! Even before getting recognition, a musician is a good musician. The real check of his talent is how he handles this struggling period before getting his final chain of circle that is related to music and is earning hiRead more


Live music: Topping the trends in event industry today

  Be it a musical night before a wedding or a get together party in a society; A campfire session or a corporate meet-up of a company; live music is a must for any event to become success. More than the recorded music, Djing, people are showing an attraction towards Live Music. Losing it to DjRead more


Some uncertainties event managers should calculate beforehand

Uncertainty is analogue to event industry; it is something that every event manager has to deal daily. As pretty as an event looks, while happening, so difficult it is for a manager to make it happen. In such a phase of uncertainties, below are some messages event managers never want to see. For theRead more


5 ways to indulge with your audience in the very first minutes of your event

Very often we come across events wherein everything is perfect, the audience is enthusiastic, the hosts are charming, there is good music & even good food, but still, the event on a whole looks incomplete. When you go a step forward asking, “Despite of no lack in resources, what is it thatRead more


Men dressing tips for corporate events to shine as Fashion Icon!

Men’s dressing style for a corporate event is squashed to an area of a pinhead, limiting them to choose from just 2-3 style. It is either a suit or regular shirt with trousers for regular workdays, and polo T-shirts and khakis on Fridays and Saturdays. It is only during the festive season the Read more


Best Event Themes For your Next Event!

Anybody can hold an event, but making it a successful show is an entirely a different ball game. A great deal of effort goes into making a remarkable corporate event, choosing a novel event theme and then executing it to perfection. Nevertheless, of whether your next event is a peaceful social affaRead more


Finding Future Venues for Events and Festivals

The future events portfolio looks opulent and content with a lot of transformation.  Event venues being at the core of this change, event attendees can expect to see something that is not accustomed to see on regular basis-- pouring lot of excitement, thrill, and surprises.  Let’s uRead more


The Future Predictions of Exhibition Business Based on CEIR Index Report 2018

As we are close to the end of the year 2018, most exhibition and event industry experts are anxious about the current performance of exhibition industry as well as the future trend in terms of revenue, the number of attendees and high performing sectors. To understand the prospects of the exhibitionRead more


Lighting Tricks to Make Events Appealing and Awesome

Lightings are the lifeline of events. Setting up a right tone for events with varied lighting is a state-of-the-art owned by only a handful of event decorators. They have established themselves as Pablo Picasso and Leonardo-da-Vinci of events. They stand-out from the pack owing to their un-matcRead more


Mind blowing Themes to Design your Events Around

The theme-based event will conceive your attention and convince you to believe the existence of the magical world that you always imagined in fairytales.The marvelous surrounding will arrest you in its mystic clutch and will give a pride moment to be part of it.  The credit of this outstanding Read more


10 Event Centerpieces Every Event & Wedding Planner Must Try

On the canvas of events, centerpiece glitter as bright as mountain tip that glows on the first ray of sunlight, while the hanging decorative imitates the morning dews sprawled over the nature-rug.  The rest in the event breathes under the shed of these charismatic centerpieces passionately inviRead more


Top 14 Ideas to Make Events Entertaining

Entertainment should be a star-struck experience for event attendees; each second of the performance should unfold surprises and nail-biting moments. Attendees should feel activity a complete thriller stirred with lot of excitement and curiosity. Not just feel the heat of the event but absorb the ecRead more


Top 10 Globally Popular Mocktails from High-end Restaurants for Your Event

Event organisers love to lay back in their lightest moment experimenting new novelties at various hotels, bars and restaurant to rejuvenate themselves out of an exhaustive event. Coincidently over their friendly banter and meet-up, they strike some amazing discoveries to shine in their next event. HRead more


Geofencing for Events: A smart & sure way to claim event success

Geofencing is a virtual geographic boundary created using GPS and RFID technology for location-based-marketing. In simple words, a technology to catch customers near your business. This pre-defined virtual boundary works on sensors and is activated whenever someone enters or exits the boundary. As Read more


Best Event Photography of the Year 2018

Event scribble on the hues of celebration rainbow- each moment, each occasion and each festival varying in their expression.  These subtle expressions somewhere describe the sentiments of individual or groups associated with that event, which dissolves among the mass in seconds, just like the mRead more


Innovative ideas to make any event 100% eco-friendly

The surplus amount of waste produced during events is irritatingly getting under the skin of event planners and, them now, desperately looking for a long-term solution.  Probably, they see this solution in the vent of Zero Waste Management.  Zero waste concept advocates the reduce usage Read more


Exceptional Experiential Campaigns That Wowed Everyone!

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” -Seth Godin According to David Moth, the author of Marketing Week, experiential marketing creates a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. ExRead more


Food trends for your next events & weddings

Rare is the event without food or beverage element. Food is one of the major motivators for people to attend events. Because of this, the event and wedding planners make sure that the food and beverages make a memorable impression on the attendees. The food is often what people remember most about aRead more


Color trends that shaped the event designs in last 5 years

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” – Massimo Vignelli Creating an amazing event design constitutes a lot of aspects than just focusing on the looks of the place of the event. Event design is about taking a space and transforming it into a place that is iRead more


Modern Mehndi Designs You Must Try Today!

Mehndi or Mehendi is a form of body art from Ancient India, and till date, it has not lost its importance. Mehndi is still a popular form of body art among the women of the Indian Subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East. There are many types of mehndi designs like Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, AfricaRead more


Lighting ideas to light up your next event!

“Light is the first element of design; without it, there is no colour, form, or texture.” - Thomas E. Farin – educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur Lighting may not be the first thing on the list of an event planner, but it is quite an essential part of an event. It haRead more


Mind Blowing Lighting Effects by German Creative Agency is Taking Event Industry by Storm

In the  event industry, the competition is more fierce than any other industries.  It is not just confined to persuade clients, for one particular event, but winning them over a long-term with some unique ideas that put their product promotion /launch/ brand awareness etc. on top of the shRead more


10 Tips to Make Any Event Successful

Every event organizer hopes for their event to be successful, but what are the necessary ingredients that make any event successful? According to experts, “A good event plan is like a roadmap to event success: it shows the final Destination and usually the best way to get there.” An Read more


Ideas to Make Exciting Display Booth/Stall in Smaller Space

Creating an impact with small space is the new culture of modern day lifestyle. But the question is—How will event exhibitors adapt themselves to this new culture?  Trade-shows and exhibitions held in metro-cities have sky-high prices, to the extent that it looks like they are competing Read more


The Flower Trend Forecast for 2018 Is Out!

Flowers are beautiful, and their exquisite aroma fills the events with tranquillity. Floral designers, florists, event designers and planners get inspired by the trends in floral design. The Flower Trends Forecast releases the floral design trends annually and includes the predictions of flowers, coRead more


Colour guide to assist your event/wedding design in 2018

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems and leading technology for the collection and precise communication of colour across a variety of industries. Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year was inspired by nature – greenery. The colour took everyone bRead more


Event Business Forecast - 2018

Turnover is vanity; Profit is sanity. But in the event industry, turning an investment into profit asks for more than just your sanity. You need to watch all the nooks and corners, all data and figures, all surveys and forums before you dig out event industry’s golden mine. Events will go hRead more


Innovative Ideas to make your corporate event unique

So far you must have seen many corporate events organized in a regular pattern. These corporate events include seminars, conferences, trade shows, board meetings, felicitation events, product launch events, etc. Over the years, these events do not look upgraded in their presentation nor in their orRead more


Key to success for an event project

The key to success for an Event Project lies in the roles and responsibilities of the team, a strength crucial in Project Management. To ensure event team delivers, three terms must be well defined: Responsibilities, Accountability, and Authority. 1) Responsibility is a commitment to do or performRead more


इवेंट्स के लिए जिओफेनसिंग: आपकी इवेंट को सफल बनाने का एक स्मार्ट और सुनिश्चित तरीका!

जियोफेनसिंग स्थान-आधारित-मार्केटिंग के लिए जीपीएस और आरएफआईडी तकनीक का उपयोग करके बनाई गई आभासी भौगोलिक सीमा है।Read more


फ़ूड ट्रेंड्स 2018, आपकी इवेंट और शादी के लिए!

शायद ही कही कोई ऐसी इवेंट्स या शादी होगी जो खाने-पीने के बिना हुई होगी| किसी भी इवेंट्स में खाना उस इवेंट का मेजर पारRead more



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