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Venue Sourcing Apps For 2020

We all know that technology has brought a new dawn in the event industry even. Technology isn’t only used for lighting sound and aesthetics but also during event planning and promotion. There are many apps helping planners in the production of the event and keeping things in check. Another marRead more


Top Online Websites For An Event Planners Assistance

There are many apps and books, even films and institutes that give insights and knowledge to personnel to make them event managers to success or not is their skill. But why should websites become a thing of the past! Here are the top sites you can check out to sharpen event management mettle BizzaRead more


Tech Tools To Boost Event Productivity

Making an event successful is  the prime task of an event planner or an event manager, and that task is very cumbersome. In this world of digitalisation being an event planner is an easier job, you can rely on or take help from the different technological inventions and applications so that youRead more


Top Recreational Apps For Event Professionals

We all know how mentally and physically taxing planning and pulling off an event is! Event planners and professionals many a times do not find time for themselves or to take a relaxed moment. A break or refreshment is a must to continue rendering best results in your work, especially when it comes tRead more


Futuristic Event Apps And Software

In this era of digitization, most of the businesses are going digital or online. The event industry too has progressed majorly not only on the digital social media but also technologically and through smart work and devices that have offered different applications and software. Here are the differeRead more


Things You Should Know Before Choosing RFID For Events

Scratch the surface of event technology, and you will find RFID towering on the top of the event gadgets. RFID dismantles the event attendee’s frustration over the queuing on ticket windows, as well as ends the desperation of event organisers on accumulating attendee’s data manually. &nbRead more


9 Mobile Camera Accessories to Capture Event Photos/Videos Like a Pro

Blurry and spooky images could turn your event photo-shoot into terrifying demons slide show. However, using a few mobile camera accessories, you can escape this disgrace and could make photo-session more fun than a scary paranormal scenario. Mobiles are arguably the best companion of humans so farRead more


Most rare “Projection Mapping” videos of the world

Projection Mapping is similar to everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen, light is mapped onto any surface, turning regular objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays. Projection mapping has many alternate names including the original academic term “spatiaRead more


The Most Creative Ads of 2017

Creative without strategy is ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’. -Jef I. Richards Creativity refers to the extent to which an advertisement contains a brand or execution elements that are different, novel, unusual, original and unique. Creativity is the sRead more


Top Free Apps event planners should have in 2018

In last one decade, the dynamics of event industry have changed due to the expansion of event celebrations as well as the higher expectations from the clients, which eventually put the event planner’s managerial skills to test. It became inevitable for the event planners to remain observant oRead more


Wearable Technology for Events in 2020

2020 will be a year of technological inventions that will please every industry in every way. Every invention has evolved with time and has crossed our expectations at a major scale. These inventions will come up as a solution to the little problems we face in our everyday life. The glitzy new-yeaRead more


In just 1 minute do you know the usage of Internet?

From a total of 8 billion people around the world, there are nearly 4 billion active users on the internet and 2 billion on Facebook alone.  These insights tell the widespread prevalence of the internet and its influence globally.  Forget about the hours, even if you trace internet user&Read more


Data Analytics for Event Success

Have you ever thought to trim Events with Data-analytics reports to witness event success? No. Not a problem, we hold on to the phrase -better late than never. Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are hitting the deck hard for modern day business growth. Technologies are gradually getting thRead more


9 Voice Technology Insights Your Events Needs to Know

“Hey, leave your message after………beeppppp….” when you hear this voice on your phone it’s an assurance that you are partially heard even though you are not heard. Just like that, there are tons of things that voice technology assures you in coming days.&nRead more


How Technology is changing the way we plan an Event

Connecting dots between audience and event is what technology helps to achieve in the current date. Unlike pre-mobile and pre-internet era, where the event has less to cater, today it has created more scope on the commercial ground and audience engagement level. These new technologies for Events areRead more


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