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Suman Chellani Miss India InterContinental – Anchor, Actor, and Model Who Unfolds Her Star Destiny Like No Other Celebrity

  Some people are star-struck and blessed with super-power touching the heart of millions with their fleet of success. Multi-talented beauty diva, artist, and anchor Suman Chellani one among them, topped the podium in the event industry with her flawless performance beyond an average glamour gRead more


10 Leading Light & Sound Décor Companies of Gujarat!

For the success of any event, many factors are accountable. However, amongst them, four building stones are crucial. Lighting Sound Décor Food In this article, we will talk about the Lighting and Sound for events. Why Light & Sound are important for any event? In our routinRead more


Trade show lessons that Event management class don’t teach

Trade-show can run down chill to anybody’s backbone as there are multiple things to do. Exhibitors will be handling registration, organising logistics, laying out the display, attracting visitors, distributing giveaways, sales, and much more. But are they trained for this? When event aspirantRead more


Amazing News that made Headlines in Event Industry

It’s a middle of spring and event industry started blossoming new florets in their backyard.  The industry is observing a revolutionary phase similar to what Microsoft or Apple experienced in 90’s.  It was not surprising the change once again came out on the cusp of technology,Read more


“Lateral Thinking” will make you Unbeatable in Business

  Lateral Thinking will make you Unbeatable in Business Why lateral thinking matters? ·         Parking your car in narrow space - (locked) ·         Taking a sip of hot coffee while reading - (locked) ·&Read more


Why Only “Jugaadu” Event Managers Succeed

“A stitch in time saves nine”- when you resolve the problem immediately it may save undue efforts. By ignoring formal education one might still qualify as an event manager but ignoring cognitive skills might not qualify him as the best event manager.The event manager is swamped through Read more


जुगाडु इवेंट मैनेजमेंट का जमाना

“वक्त का एक टाँका बेवक्त के सौ टाँकों से बढकर है,”  यानी जब आप किसी समस्या का निवारण समय पर कर देते है तो वह आनेRead more



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