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“Lateral Thinking” will make you Unbeatable in Business

Lateral Thinking will make you Unbeatable in Business Why lateral thinking matters?        Parking your car in narrow space - (locked) Taking a sip of hot coffee while reading - (locked) Crossing road while texting message - (locked) Picking up phone from sleep - (locked)Read more


Corporate Retreat Activities That Will Charge Up Your People

Your company or brand is a family in itself and in order to keep relations intact and boost morale of your employees, it is very necessary to appreciate their work and refresh their mind and encourage them to work better in the next quarter. Here are some corporate retreat ideas that will free yourRead more


Introduction To M.I.C.E. Events For Gen-Z Event Planners

The event industry has come a long way from when it all started when events used to be a great deal and only a few events used to take place annually, now almost every big social gathering is considered an event. The event industry hasn’t only been growing but also broadening, within the indusRead more


Business Events: A 360° perspective

Business events are a newly evolved genre in the event industry after the expansion and shifts in the trends in the sub-continent. Events are one of the most awaited by everybody, so in order to create  an enthusiasm in the employees and awareness amongst the public, corporate giants and firms Read more


Steps For Setting Up A Tradeshow

A tradeshow is one of the most cumbersome business events to host ever! It is like a grand trade and networking affair. A tradeshow is difficult to manage has it has a large number of people involved. So in order to keep your planning for the tradeshow to sail smoothly, here are steps you can take Read more


Interactive Conferencing Ideas

A conference is a type of a formal event where in different individuals with a common interest centric to the industry, profession, following and business prospects to come up with different strategies, overviews and working systems. A conference many a times is very monotonous and boring discussingRead more


Gizmos For Formal Events

Now a days we are dependent on technology at every step of our life and it leaves its impact with every touch. Technology has also made its way to the event industry and is progressing towards the corporates. Here are a few applications you can use while throwing a business event! Glisser GlisserRead more


Floral Trends For Your Corporate Event

It is true that flowers add that blend and bounce to an event. Did you know flowers are not only considered auspicious for weddings, but they can also add beauty and softness to a business or a classy corporate event. Flowers are considered nature’s bauty element and it is surely true. Here aRead more


Themes For Your Next Corporate Event

Wondering what to do for your next corporate gathering? You need to consider your scope , target and the agenda of your event before making any decision about your event theme. Also check how feasible, appealing and affordable it is! Here are a few options to choose from regarding your next formal Read more


Hacks For A Successful Corporate Event

Corporate events are highly stereotyped to be boring or very abrupt. Employees often feel these events to be baseless and the heads and organisers face the confusion whether the right impact is made and the agendas are met. Everyone going corporate wants a value addition be it the boss, the planner,Read more


Organising A Corporate Event

Holding corporate events adds spice to a mundane office life for everyone associated to the work place. A corporate event is successful only when it leaves the right everlasting impact and boosts morale of the attendees towards an enriched or refined motive. Regular formal meets also give insights tRead more


Corporate Event Ideas For The Next Event

A corporate event is any form of event organised, hosted and funded by a business entity with an equally broad target audience including existing and potential colleagues, stakeholders, clients and staff. It usually revolves around different business and corporate agendas, goals achieved and etc. HRead more


Event Photography Awards 2019

Good work of any sort is appreciated by all. Through passing years  the scope of talent and platform for expressing it has increased to a whole new extent. Today we will be talking about the glitzy, yet not much talked about awards function recognizing event photographers, Event Photography AwaRead more


Ideal Corporate Gift Ideas

Keeping employees happy helps your company grow speedily. Gifts for employees are like little bundles of appreciation, they will keep your people motivated to give in their best to work.  Now let’s discuss the ideal corporate gifting ideas for employees. Wellness hampers- This idea can Read more


Suman Chellani Miss India InterContinental – Anchor, Actor, and Model Unfolds Her Star Destiny Like No other

  Some people are star-struck and blessed with super-powers, touching the heart of millions with their fleet of success. Multi-talented, beauty diva, artist, and anchor Suman Chellani topped the podium with her flawless performance in the event industry. She encased fame and name with her iRead more


10 Leading Light & Sound Décor Companies of Gujarat!

For the success of any event, many factors are accountable. However, amongst them, four building stones are crucial. Lighting Sound Décor Food In this article, we will talk about the Lighting and Sound for events. Why Light & Sound are important for any event? In our routinRead more


Trade show lessons that Event management class don’t teach

Trade-show can run down chill to anybody’s backbone as there are multiple things to do. Exhibitors will be handling registration, organising logistics, laying out the display, attracting visitors, distributing giveaways, sales, and much more. But are they trained for this? When event aspirantRead more


Amazing News that made Headlines in Event Industry

It’s a middle of spring and event industry started blossoming new florets in their backyard.  The industry is observing a revolutionary phase similar to what Microsoft or Apple experienced in 90’s.  It was not surprising the change once again came out on the cusp of technology,Read more


“Lateral Thinking” will make you Unbeatable in Business

  Lateral Thinking will make you Unbeatable in Business Why lateral thinking matters? ·         Parking your car in narrow space - (locked) ·         Taking a sip of hot coffee while reading - (locked) ·&Read more


Why Only “Jugaadu” Event Managers Succeed

“A stitch in time saves nine”- when you resolve the problem immediately it may save undue efforts. By ignoring formal education one might still qualify as an event manager but ignoring cognitive skills might not qualify him as the best event manager.The event manager is swamped through Read more


जुगाडु इवेंट मैनेजमेंट का जमाना

“वक्त का एक टाँका बेवक्त के सौ टाँकों से बढकर है,”  यानी जब आप किसी समस्या का निवारण समय पर कर देते है तो वह आनेRead more



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