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Features Of Event Tech

Event technology is today’s digital tool that is the go-to for event planners and professionals for smooth handling of events. Event technology helps you take care of all event operations right from pre-planning an event to post event detailing. Here is what makes Event Technology what it is!Read more


Benefits of AR & VR in events

With every changing day science comes up with new innovations and contributions for the people in form of technology. Due to this, the scope of science and technology is ever increasing. AR and VR are such technological contributions of science that they seem to be a parallel reality. Here are someRead more


IOT in Events

With the introduction of Internet of Things there have been quite a bit of changes in the traditional methods of putting up events. IOT has not only eased the different operations and event experiences for attendees and profs but has also shown transparency of the different data to a whole new levelRead more


Benefits Of Event Technology

With every passing day technology has touched new arenas and made new boundaries for progress in the different sectors of the economy. In this world of digitalization technology has not only advanced in the fields of science and arts but also in commerce &management rather magnanimously. Event tRead more


Ideal Project Management Tools For Event Planners

Event management is a very complex task. And sometimes it is so cumbersome that a single event becomes a comprehensive project behind which often weeks and sometimes months go by just for planning. Now a days with advanced development in technology and digitization all tasks have become simpler and Read more


AR And VR In Events

Over times digitization has expanded the scope of every possible exchange be it interactive or informative and this stands true for the event industry too! Due to these two incredible, larger than life technologies events have not only progressed, but become a one of a kind experience. Lets have Read more


Behind the Curtains of a Great Virtual Tradeshow

It is a long dream of the human race to teleport people anywhere in the world, and the recent advancement in virtual technology like HaptX virtual gloves has pegged one more star to shape the impossible. The gloves let users move through virtual environments and feel virtual objects with their handsRead more


World’s Best Creative Signages

Signage is known for their creativity. Signage is the design and symbols to communicate a message or give the statistic to a specific group commonly for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy. The main purpose of signage is to communicate or convey a message or any information. Now this siRead more


BASICS you should know about Industrial Generators

Generators for industrial purpose come with various configuration and features.  It’s imperative that customers should know details about generators before they go for the hire or purchase, things like running costs, fuel efficiency, fuel tank capacity, Power factor, and so on. The mostRead more


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