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Ideal Crowd Management Practices For Events

A huge turn- up at the event marks its success; an event is called so, only when there are attendees. The attendees are the crowd or the spectators of your event. Naturally a large number of people will be attending the event. In such situations crowd management is an important process to avoid chaoRead more


Concepts Of Event Management You Must Know

Event management though a populous profession  isn’t as  simple a task as it sounds, it requires taking care of the different departments, client requirements and handling guest experience in good sense of the event all at once. Whoever manages an event should be a great multi-taskerRead more


Top Campaigns Of August 2019

The campaigns of this August have been different from each other in some way or the other it may be content, theme, innovation and visual designs or even interaction Here are the ten campaigns topping the list of being simply awesome! ‘The Designed To Be Deleted’ Campaign by Hinge Read more


The Ten Worst Ads Of All Time

Most of the advertisements are just propagated for word of mouth of the brand, they make no sense at all. Here are the ten advertisements topping the list of being atrocious! ICICI Lombard’ Banking Problems’ Ad No one talks about banking solutions at a party, it is a very personRead more


Promotion Tips For Dancers & Choreographers

In this era of westernization and modernization, the scope and recognition of talent has reached a new level. Mainstream professions and businesses aren’t the only ways of the world. You can be a part of the entertainment & art industry if you have what it takes! Sometimes you see it in yoRead more


How To Promote Your Exhibition Skilfully?

Unlike other events, exhibitions are a class apart. They mark sophistication and capture a niche audience. Exhibitions majorly cater to different art and science forms such as fine arts, science technology and etc. So, it is quite a task to get the apt audience to be your attendees. Attract the towRead more


Adversities Covered Under Event Insurance

An event like other assets is the face and the product of your company so you should mandatorily get it insured. Unforeseen circumstances may come your way at any place and point of time. Let’s indulge into the aspects that can be safeguarded when your event is insured. Event Cancellation- ERead more


5 Reasons Why Planning A Wedding Is The Most Profitable Segment In The Event Industry

  Segmentation of the event industry is wide. Some may ask,” what is an event?” The others may answer,” what can't an event be!” From a small birthday celebration  to a gigantic wedding, everything falls under some or the other event category .  Wedding falls Read more


5 Leading Florists of Gujarat!

Flowers are not just beautiful and fragrant, but also expressive in narrating event ambience with vivid emotions. They give deeper meaning to events with their mesmerising colours. Since the earliest days of civilization, flowers remained an integral part of folk festivals, religious ceremonies, anRead more


6 case-studies every event organisers should read

Event organizer’s lateral thinking is a key-holder for their success in trade-shows and events;visualising things beyond usual applications is part of their daily routine. They continuously keep harvesting new ideas, so that their ROI on tradeshow do not stay undervalued.  Here are fRead more


10 Tragic Accidents in Event Industry Nobody Wants to See Again…

Safety in events has become a major concern among the event companies across the globe. Even with the best planning and implementation of measures, there’s always a fear of accidents or disasters. From a risk-management perspective, it's important not to lose sight of health and safety. The evRead more


Grow your Business with eventaa.com

Hello…. Event Companies/Wedding Planners/Exhibitions Organizers/Artists /Vendors-service providers/venue owner   Eventaa.com is the global business networking platform meant exclusively for the event industry! Eventaa today, has more than 90,000 registrations from 1,500+ categories Read more


Why Event Venue Choice is Essential for Event’s Success

Event venue plays a pivotal role in the success of any event. There are numerous factors of events that do not seem obvious until you finalize your event venue.  The decision making regarding venues, start taking shape before 2-3 months. For event organizers or hosts, this duration is nothing lRead more


Why Narendra Modi is the best Event Manager

Being surrounded by a sparkling persona is a rare occasion but a rarest of rare when the spellbound auras of such persona ink-down the history. Narendra Modi possesses the same stature and has enveloped multiple skills under the hood influencing mass. Times of India- “Modi is very good at hisRead more


Is Event IP the future of the Event Industry?

Over the years, Intellectual Property has come up the ladder among the top services delivered by the event industry. Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce. These creations enable Read more


क्यों नरेंद्र मोदी सर्वश्रेष्ठ इवेंट मैनेजर है ???

“असामान्य व्यक्तित्व होना सामान्य बात नहीं है, लेकिन असामान्य से भी असामान्य होना एक अपूर्व घटना का प्रमाण है|&rdquoRead more



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