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When will corporates adopt this sport?

Ice Hockey is by far the fastest of major sports, both in terms of speed of play and the lack of interruptions during games. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is the governing body of International Ice Hockey. India is one among the 76 nations who are members ofRead more


Promotional Tips For Performers

Now a days it isn't like the old times where people used to take up mainstream high reputed professions and businesses to earn a living, people take a stand and embrace their talents and specialisations to fill their stomachs such as acting, singing, dancing, music and etc. It is becoming a rather cRead more


Things To Consider While Hiring A DJ

Music adds life to your event whether it is a wedding, business event or even a public event. In today’s time there has been a great expansion in the music genre and types of music. For your event you can choose from a variety of forms of music such as performers, live bands or even DJs. DJs aRead more


Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding

A wedding is a one-time affair also it is very auspiscious bringing families together making it a bif affair full of fun frolic, food colour and festivities. Here is what you can do to make it more enjoyable and emotional for all loved ones. Wedding DJ A celebration is incomplete without music anRead more


Strategies To Make A Fundraiser Interesting

The wow element of the event is actually the spice and everything nice of the event be, it a corporate event, a community centric gathering or a private party. A bit of a tweak into the happening of the event can make it entertaining and immersive. A fundraiser is generally an event centric to boriRead more


Guidelines For Adding Entertainment To Your Event

Event and entertainment go hand in hand. No one likes attending a boring and monotonous event. To keep your crowd engrossed into the event and to up the game at interaction you must insert a certain spark and vibrance to the event with entertainment, so that your event becomes a memory for the guestRead more


One Of A Kind Entertainment Ideas For Your Event

Entertainment is what keeps your crowd glued to the event and leaves a long impact. The wow factor is what makes your event a memory leaving an imprint of your company. The more unique your entertainment the greater impact will be on the guests Here are some entertainment ideas that will make your Read more


Catering Ideas For Winter Events

Food is the life of an event, good food is always relished and cherished . During the winter at events it holds utmost importance because who wouldn’t like a nice warm filling meal to beat the chill and sit relaxed and enjoy. You can make your event in winter memorable by making the selection Read more


Food and Beverages in Events

We all know that a great meal or a nice cup of coffee is a great conversation starter for any scenario. Whether a simple elegant tea party or a gala dinner, food and beverages have always been a crucial aspect for events. At events food isn’t only about filling your attendees’ stomach; Read more


Top 10 Books Event Planners Should Read!

A book is considered as a man’s most resourceful friend. There are different learnings from the different types of books one reads. That is why reading isn’t just an activity, it is an experience leaving behind valuable morals, ideas,mindsets and abundant knowledge. There is a book for eRead more


Top Movies For Event Planners

Everyone loves to watch a film now or then. Movies are inspired by real-life and vice versa at some point or the other. The line of difference between movies and real life is prevalent, but thin. People ideate movies or sometimes movies give people ideas. Basically it is an exchange of thought, feelRead more


Must Watch Netflix Series For Event Planners

Who doesn’t watch series, in fact they impact our mind the most. Soaps have the potential to inspire people’s life at different times and situations in life. Now a days there is no fixed genre for series. They are more plot and twist-centric. Here are soaps you can watch on your NetflixRead more


Top Themes For Art Exhibition

With the passage of time artists have been recognised and acknowledged to keep creativity around alive. This has also increased the pop culture crowd so, lots of art exhibitions are held to support different kinds of art. Here are the cool themes you can follow for your next art exhibition Tiny ArRead more


Tricks That Will Enhance Your Comedic Creativity

Being a comedian is a strenuous job, you have to win over audiences every time you are on stage, do not forget you have to come up with something fresh and amusing each time you spill out words. Comedians struggle a lot trying to get, create and find new content appealing to the public. Let’sRead more


Tips For Becoming A Great Bartender

Everyone thinks that being a bartender is a job looked down on, but it isn’t true a bartender is the fuel of the party and it is rather fun being a bartender. The role of a bartender is not just to take orders and serve drinks, but also to attract the crowd, keep them happy and enjoy their driRead more


Top Special Acts For Your Next Event

Special Acts are the spice on an event taking you one step forward towards a popular, unforgettable event. Special acts are usually added according to the crowd demographics of the event. Let’s talk about the entertainment dynamics that will leave the attendees awe-struck! Living topiary-Read more


What To Choose From, DJ or Live Band For Your Event?

Music is a must for social events like weddings, birthdays, parties and other informal occasions. Making the right choice in music will add the proper spice to your event. Generally people hire a DJ or a live brand to add melodies and frolic to their event. Less discuss the distinct traits of both Read more


Qualities Of A Great Anchor

An anchor adds splendour to your event. She/he is responsible for presenting the show. Memorizing the entire event script is very cumbersome and seeing a similar face for long hours is too boring that’s why, generally two anchors are appointed for a single event to share the audience delivery.Read more


Anchor & Former Miss Universe India Title Winner Sheena Chohan to Host Saurastra Premier League 2019

Sheena, the dazzling Bengali beauty from Kolkata flashes all colors of life as soon as she steps in as Actor, Model, and Anchor. In the course of realization about her stalwart career, she hatched the nutshell with her perseverance and relentless pursuit for achieving something big. Her spontaneity Read more


Unconventional Ways In Which B-Town Celebs Inspire Wedding Styles

#Re@Za Your website has been hacked, because your security is low.You need to update this soon, or I will be back! Read more


Décor Your Events & Weddings Using Colour of The Year 2019!

Pantone - The colour institute, declared 'Living Coral' as Colour of the Year 2019. This is inspired by rare sea reefs and global political crises, as its must-have hue for 2019. It’s replacing this year’s colour UltraViolet, a deep purple hue. Pantone is the world-famous authority on cRead more


10 Leading Young Photographers Of Gujarat!

 “In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”                                     Read more


Music festivals around the Globe you must attend before you die

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t”, - Johnny Depp Music, the universal language! When we talk about music, how can we forget about music festivals, which unites people around the globe at one place. There are thousands of music festivals happening every year Read more


When will corporates adopt this sport?

Ice Hockey is by far the fastest of major sports, both in terms of speed of play and the lack of interruptions during games. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is the governing body of International Ice Hockey. India is one among the 76 nations who are members ofRead more


The 10 Best Indian Metro City Clubs for New Year Party

On 31st of December, when the day will descend towards the dusk, people will gear-up to celebrate their New Year Party. The streets will be flooded with the crowd, and the party-lovers will be seen gushing outside the clubs with their extra-ordinary shimmering party wears.  If you see yourselfRead more


Are Events a soft target for terrorists

We were living in an era where terrorism visibly was a copyright of few nations but off late these days it has become an everyday affair in most of the geographical locations around the globe. Millions of innocent people lose their lives and pay for mistakes that were never theirs. Every country at Read more


विश्वविख्यात म्यूजिक फेस्टिवल्स - जहाँ एक बार तो ज़रूर जाना चाहिए!

"संगीत हमें भावनात्मक रूप से छूता है, जो शब्द अकेले कभी नहीं कर पाते" - जॉनी डेप संगीत - सार्वभौमिक भाषा है! और जब हम संRead more



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