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Best Event Photography of the Year 2018

23-Jul-2018   Author : Eventaa.com   Category : Trends & Event Ideas

Event scribble on the hues of celebration rainbow- each moment, each occasion and each festival varying in their expression.  These subtle expressions somewhere describe the sentiments of individual or groups associated with that event, which dissolves among the mass in seconds, just like the morning dew.  It is event photographers who freeze these moments in their camera and emboss them into stunning portray and make it live forever. 

Let see some marvellous work of such photographers, who were honoured with the best event photography awards.

Here are the winners of Event Photography 2018 in various categories. The awardees were listed as -Winner, Runner-up and Highly Recommended.

1)    Cultural Events

Moisten in the slush of cultural festivals, event photographers on various occasion exhibits their immaculate photo-shoot skills. They cleverly use stunning background and foreground to cover event story with spectacular visuals.  The colour contrast of flaring-firelights in dark and orange smoke cloud on white-snow was nicely unmasked by these photographers over here.

2)    Experiential

Fiery heart popping out from the mouth, a scary walking carcass in white snow, a mysterious woman from fairy-tale and people taking water splash on their faces. These captivating photographs from experiential event blend all types of frills to indulge event attendees in a fun way.

3)    Food & Drink

Food and events shared a long relationship.  The taste and food involved in a particular event represent the ethnicity of the festival or the culture. Here, the photographers have snapped some outstanding pictures of culinary delicacy ready for a platter from various events.

4)    Music Events

Music is a universal language and has no boundaries. Regardless, of their cultural background, the artists are blessed with the ability to tranquilise the atmosphere with their vocal skills. Here, photographers have captured some similar moments, where the artists are seen wiggling along with the musical nodes and the cheers lofted from the crowd. 

5)    Corporate Events

Not all corporate events are boring as it sounds.  The current trend has fused corporate events with special acts, sports activity, outdoor meetings, and other similar entertainment to make it more interesting. However, some work-alcoholics find difficult to cut loose from their routine; the photographs tell the rest story.

6)    Private Events

Private events have no ordinance, and that is the beauty of these events.  The attendees in the photograph are seen more relaxed and lost in their fun.  It seems they have found the way to harmonise from their daily mundane work and settled for a cozy corners.  The smiles in photos give the complete brief.

7)    Sporting Events

Sports event could fetch the best facial expression than any other events. Player’s intensity for the game reflects on their faces wrapping all their strength, compassion and aggression.  In one of the photo, kids competing for a sack-race express their struggle to manage their posture. Taking this opportunity, the photographer uncovers the innocent gesture of these kids, which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

8)    Trade Shows

The trade show is an opportunity for attendees to see and try a new product for the first time.  The anticipation shown by attendees and participants is equally mind-dwelling as the product itself.  No photographers want to miss those small-notches of curiosity going out of their frame.

9)    Venues

A grandeur venue and décor style together can create a mesmerising scene. Photographers travel long distance looking for a picturesque place, for them event venues can come as a ready-to-eat meal.

10)    Weddings

Awesome people, amusing rituals, and fantastic bonding - the wedding event strings all these in one thread. The photographers would not wish more than this; it is a paradise for photographers to click endless photos matching the festive colour with mood.

11)    Amateur

In the world of photography, there is no bar, random clicks by random people can bring fame to them.  This category probably unveils those novice photographers whose lenses aperture is sharp enough to create next sensation.

12)    Behind the Scenes

Raise the curtains, and you see the stage heroes, peel off one more layer, and you will see the real heroes. Some performers quietly perform behind the stage, to keep the action rolling. The photographers here shifted their lens for a while from event to highlight these unsung heroes.

13)    Overall Winner

Each photograph speaks for its own and deciphers the intensity of the moment, to pick anyone as a winner here is like leaving diamond over the pearl. It would be a tough equation for judges to solve, but still, they have to mark some. Here are the photographers who were announced as the overall winner from all categories for their outstanding work. 

How to enter in this competition

To nominate and win this honour, follow the below steps.

-    You must be 16 years or older to enter into the competition

-    Photos should be taken from the prevailing year events

-    Photos must have been taken in High-resolution

-    Images should be JPEG or TIFF files no smaller than 800KB and no larger than 5MB

-    A £10 process fee allows you up to 5 photo entries. For a further £10, you may submit an additional 5 entries.

-    Upload your image via www.eventphotographyawards.com

-    For terms and conditions visit https://www.eventphotographyawards.com/terms

Give voice to your passion. Share your thoughts and valuable suggestion on photography as well as mention your favourite photos from the above.

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