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Decor Trends 2019- Mandaps That Will Totally Steal Your Heart

02-Jan-2020   Author :   Category : Weddings

When you think of a Mandap the first thing that strikes your mind is draped decoration, a dome with floral decoration, the promises one makes and the vows one share. And nothing beats the utter importance of Mandap as it is the place where one takes the ‘saat pheres’- the first step towards your happily ever after!  It is one of the most prominent features of the wedding as this is the thing that people notice even before the food and the new couple. The decor is the dominant element in enhancing the scenic beauty and charms of the Mandap. Check these gorgeous ideas below and get inspired by your one.


Floating Mandap:

 Imagine taking your pheras on a floating Mandap that is standing right in the middle of a water body. The floating Mandap is not floating; they are just surrounded by a water body like a pool or a lake around it. These Mandaps are in trend right now as they look phenomenal. How cool it is to take your vows amidst water with its reflection in the same. 

Tent Mandap:

A Tent Mandap can be the most unique and offbeat thing about your wedding. A Mandap made of huge cloth and surrounded by flowers hung in a chandelier style from the tree top, doesn't it sound perfect? The Tent Mandap is perfect if you have a huge outdoor space. It creates a subtle yet unique look.

Drapes for the décor:

Drapes make the Mandap looks dreamy. It can be used with any understructures such as pipe and base, tent frames, or other column-type infrastructure, to create a Mandap on staging. You can pair the drape with flowers to create the perfect look. The Drape Mandaps are best suited for beach weddings. Drapes in the shades of turquoise, pink, peach make for morning weddings while drapes in red, golden are best suited for a night wedding.


Lit Mandap:

 Fairy lights are every wedding decorator's favorite accessory. It is the simplest solution to add subtle lighting touches to your Mandap. Simple string fairy lights and firefly wire fairy lights can be used to make the perfect canopy roof or backdrop to make a simple yet amazing mandap decor. The lights come in different shapes including star fairy lights, ones with real shells and many more to choose from. You can pair the lights with colorful drapes or flowers to make a statement or create some ambiance in a space.




Transparent Setting:

The transparent mandap design is ultra-modern and elegant. It is made with clear acrylic or glass pillars that leave the impression of transparent mandap. This type of mandap suits best amidst vast water and clear skies. You can decorate the pillars with flowers or lights to add a reflection of everything beautiful.

The Bohemian Touch:

 For the millennial couple who wants something new yet super simple and understated, boho mandaps are a perfect choice. Minimalistic and rustic mandaps are the new fad! A rustic mandap done in wooden branches and flowers will add charm to your pheras.

Open Mandap:

Break the tradition by opting for an Open-air mandap this wedding season. These mandaps are modern, chic and beautiful. These are great for photography as there are no objects obstructing views. Open-air mandaps are great for a beach wedding as they provide you the view of scenic beauty.

Revolving Stage:

 Revolving stages add royalty to your wedding. It makes the ceremony look surreal and give the moment a slow-motion feel. It gives a clear view of what the couple has chosen to flaunt on the big day and how it elevates the celebrations. But, if you're going for a stage such as this make sure you keep the safety measure in mind as well, Ensure the space to stand is big enough so that even if you feel misbalanced you can stand still amidst the movement of the stage.

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